High Availability & Disaster Recovery: Does Your ERP Implementation Measure Up? bedst ser på repliksted

High Availability and Disaster Recovery: Does Your ERP Implementation Measure Up?

Ali Jani | December 3, 2015

You want an ERP solution that can handle anything you throw at it – that includes having a load balanced approach, frequent backups, multiple storage locations, and protection against a disaster that could leave your systems down for an extended period of time.

When it comes to your business, thinking ahead can save your company from losing data and losing revenue.

The big question remains: how do you ensure you’re choosing an ERP solution that can protect your business and satisfy your needs? A system that focuses on high availability and disaster recovery is a great place to start. Let’s dive into why these two topics are important for your ERP selection.

High Availability and Disaster Recovery: Does Your ERP Implementation Measure Up?

High Availability

Times are changing, and a range of cheap hosting “solutions” are popping up. Unfortunately, these new options cannot realistically provide high availability for complex solutions such as ERP.

When you purchase a hosted environment versus subscribing to an ERP SaaS offering, it is typically your responsibility to ensure that your data is being backed up. You’re also held responsible for making sure you have multiple machines that are load balanced. This is critical in case one of the machines goes down; another machine needs to be available immediately to continue serving your requests. In a hosted environment, you’re responsible for figuring this out. (gulp!).

An additional downside is that, with a hosted environment, the process of backing up your data is really up to you. You must ensure that it is being backed up accurately. Some hosters claim they will take snapshots of your data and environment, but this is usually not a full picture and often will not capture real-time changes, leaving you with a slew of data inaccuracies.

Because of these things, we highly recommend you choose an ERP SaaS offering. It will let you take advantage of a multitude of virtual machines that are all load balanced and can service your requests and ensure that your data is backed up in real-time. This takes the responsibility off of your plate and places it on the SaaS provider, freeing you up to work on the tasks required to move your business forward.

Another thing to consider is that even if you tried to implement the hosted model on your own, you would quickly find that the cost will be substantially more than choosing a SaaS offering. The SaaS options are able to scale costs, which are then passed on to you, and frees up the rest of your budget for other critical business decisions.

Disaster Recovery

It’s not surprising that many businesses do not think through disaster recovery for their data. It’s not a fun topic. However, while hoping for the best is great, preparing for the worst is the necessary other side of that coin.

Take a minute to think through these questions: Can you continue to do business if there is a hardware failure or if a place you’re hosting your solution goes up in flames? If you do experience a fire, what just happened to all of your data? How quickly can you recover from that? If your system is down for 2-3 days, what kind of business are you losing?  Are you going to be able to give your customers the same level of customer service that you would be able to give them under normal circumstances?

It’s all too common to hear of a hardware failure story where the business’ last backup was over 3 days ago. The 3 days of data is gone and is most likely not coming back. Customers aside, how frustrated will your employees be if vital information that they need in order to perform their jobs has simply vanished?

When you subscribe to a SaaS offering, your data is replicated into multiple geo zones. There are regular processes that take place to ensure you can get back up and running immediately, even in the event of a disaster. The data backups that are performed are tested regularly to ensure that the data is recoverable. There is also 24/7 outage customer service teams, ready at any moment to help you get your business backup and running in minutes.

As an example, AME Corporation kept their business moving along after Hurricane Sandy struck in 2012. President and CEO Ehren Dimitry had this to say about his foresight into making the leap to a cloud-based ERP solution:

We made it through the biggest natural disaster in recent history, and cloud computing made it possible. I encourage all businesses to migrate to the cloud, not just for risk mitigation, but for better collaboration, communication and up-time. Do it now, as you never know when disaster will strike.

To read a little bit more about AME Corporation’s story, go here.

So, what’s your plan?

Not all ERP solutions are created equal. Availability and disaster recovery should be at the forefront of your mind for your ERP implementation. It’s a bad assumption to make that a cheap solution will save you money in the long run.

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Ali Jani

Vice President, Partner Strategy, Enablement, and Services at Acumatica

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AccTech Western Cape upgrades Sage ERP Accpac for Dowson & Dobson Industrial

By Softline ACCPAC
7 Mar 2012
Visit our Press Office

After running a company for 106 years, and having developed a stable market share for itself, Dowson & Dobson Industrial was in need of implementing a modern ERP system that would enable the company to take its operation to the next level.

“The perfect solution was found with the upgrading from their original DOS-based Accpac solution to Sage ERP Accpac 200, incorporating Sage's comprehensive Retail Management Solution (RMS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system,” says John Yorke, Director of Dowson & Dobson Industrial.

Dowson & Dobson Industrial was founded in 1906, and is associated with high-quality products and excellent service since the original company was started in the Cape. Today, D&D Industrial distributes well-known and trusted products such as Ridgid, Band-It, STAG, Wilkerson, Waircom, Deprag, Nederman, Trion and Mighty Seven throughout the African continent. The company operates from its offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Richards Bay and Port Elizabeth in South Africa.

  See also

An open invitation was put out to all of Cape Town's largest Sage business partners to tender for the supply of an ERP system that would be able to satisfy D&D Industrial's requirements of a simplistic and 'next-generation' solution that would grow as the company grows. “AccTech Western Cape's depth of experience with the Sage product range, their business skills and modern training facilities motivated the choice. AccTech's national footprint enables them to support the system not only in Cape Town, but nationally and across the African continent,” says Yorke.

Henri Hattingh, Chief Executive Officer of AccTech Western Cape, says the implementation at Dowson & Dobson was preceded by a comprehensive company analysis. “D&D Industrial is an established company with a mature customer base, which meant there was no room for error in the choice and implementation of a replacement system to their original DOS-based Accpac solution. The company has quite an extensive infrastructure network in which they run a national sales network with specific point of sale requirements that often have to be executed with unreliable communication lines,” explains Hattingh.

With this major problem in mind, the choice of implementing Sage RMS was a natural one. “Sage's Retail Management Solution (RMS) offers comprehensive point of sale functionality at all times during a typical African business day, with or without mains power, with or without Internet or telephone line connectivity, which has been a major improvement in D&D Industrial's business operations. The system synchronises with our head offices in the morning, by downloading stock levels, debtor and other information, which allows us to have an updated snapshot of the business. The Inter-Branch Transfer (IBT) functionality of Sage RMS also allows for effective stock management,” says Yorke.

Keith Fenner, Vice-President of Sales at Softline Accpac, part of the Sage Group, says the Sage ERP, RMS (POS) and CRM system architecture allows for centralised accounting and warehousing with decentralised stores and sales outlets that can be replicated as D&D Industrial grows. “Adopting the Sage Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system translates into a company that is committed to best practices and a belief that the customer comes first. When coupled with Sage ERP Accpac 200, which helps to streamline day-to-day tasks, it will allow D&D Industrial staff to focus on more complex issues that require more personalised attention, which translates into a winning formula for Dowson & Dobson Industrial,” says Fenner.

The Sage package in its entirety allows for simplistic operations across our business that provides a stable platform for future growth within D&D Industrial, says Yorke. “The comprehensive training that came with the implementation ensured that our staff are comfortable with the system and have the necessary support they need, across the country. The system will allow us to keep a finger on the pulse of the business and will provide our customers with the same and even more focused customer service that they are accustomed to from Dowson & Dobson Industrial,” concludes Yorke.

Softline Accpac

Softline Accpac is a provider of business management solutions, including financial, distribution, service management, retail, warehouse management, manufacturing and CRM to the mid-range market. Accpac solutions are delivered to 130 countries exclusively through a global network of solution providers, including over 150 throughout Africa. Softline Accpac's product line includes: Accpac ERP, Accpac CRM, Accpac RMS, Service Manager and Accpac Insight. Softline Accpac also distributes Sage SalesLogix, Sage Geode and Sage ERP X3, a full-service enterprise management software system for mid-to-large businesses. With a choice of languages, currencies, enterprises, locations and legislations, Sage ERP X3 offers an efficient, multi-company solution.


Softline is a leading provider of accounting, payroll, CRM and ERP software solutions to small, medium and large sized companies. Founded in 1988 by Ivan Epstein, Alan Osrin and Steven Cohen, Softline was established during the formative years of the software industry and listed on the JSE Securities Exchange South Africa in February 1997. Softline expanded to establish a strong position within its area of focus in South Africa and Australia. Focused on the development of accounting, payroll, CRM and ERP software solutions, Softline has a 20-year track record as a market leader. The group has a broad range of products offering users a variety of software solutions to run their businesses efficiently. Softline's leading brands include Softline Accpac, Softline Pastel (Accounting and Payroll) and Softline VIP. The combination of the group's product offerings provides Softline customers with comprehensive, well-branded accounting, payroll, CRM and ERP software solutions. In November 2003, Softline was acquired by the Sage Group, a FTSE 100 company. The software group includes market-leading businesses throughout the United Kingdom, Europe, North America, South Africa and Australia, supplying business software to the small, medium and large sized business community. Softline has a solid track record of profitability and cash generation. The group delivers quality accounting, payroll, CRM and ERP software solutions that improve the efficiencies of businesses around the world.

The Sage Group

The Sage Group is a leading global supplier of business management software and related products and services, principally for small to medium-sized enterprises. Formed in 1981, Sage was floated on the London Stock Exchange in 1989. Sage has 6.3 million customers and 13 400 employees worldwide. It operates in over 24 countries covering the UK, Europe, North America, South Africa, Australia, India and China. For further information, please visit www.sage.com.


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