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James Howlett (Earth-616)

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Real Name

James Howlett [1]

Current Alias



Logan, [2] Weapon X, [3] , Weapon Chi, [4] Chi, [4] Patch, [5] Death, [6] Black Dragon, [7] Agent Ten, [8] , Wolvie (by Jubilee), [9] "Wolvy" (by Rogue), [9] "Wolver-Mean" (by Iceman), [9] "Midget Maniac" (by Iceman), [9] , Lucky Jim, [ citation needed ] Patient Zero, [ citation needed ] Patient X, [ citation needed ] Hand of God, [10] Mai'keth, [10] Mutate #9601, [11] Emilio Garra, [12] Peter Richards, [13] Phoenix, [14] Dark Phoenix, [15] Experiment X, [16] Jim Logan, [17] Jimmy, [ citation needed ] Weapon Ten, [18] Runt, [ citation needed ] Soft James, [ citation needed ] Fist of Legend, [7] Corporal Logan (later Captain Logan)), [19] Claw-Man, [ citation needed ] , Claw, [20] Canucklehead, [21] Canada, [18] Wildboy, [22] "Little Uncle", [23] Amazing Immortal Man, [18] Wild Man, [18] Iron Man, [24] Revolto the Clown, [25] Tenth Man, [26] Captain Terror [27]

Editorial Names

Formerly Savage Wolverine


Folkbern Logan (ancestor, deceased);

unnamed paternal grandfather (deceased);
unnamed paternal grandmother (deceased);
Mr. Howlett (step-grandfather, deceased);
Thomas Logan (father, deceased);
John Howlett, Sr. (step-father, deceased);
Elizabeth Howlett (mother, deceased);
Elias Hudson (maternal uncle, deceased);
Frederick Hudson (maternal uncle, deceased);
Two unidentified aunts (presumed deceased);
John Howlett, Jr. (maternal half-brother, allegedly deceased);
Dog Logan (paternal half-brother);
Itsu Akihiro (wife, deceased);
Ophelia Sarkissian (Viper) (ex-wife);
Daken (son);
Erista (son);
William Downing (Gunhawk) (son, deceased); [29]
Saw Fist (son, deceased); [29]
Cannon Foot (son, deceased); [29]
Shadowstalker (daughter, deceased); [29]
Fire Knives (daughter, deceased); [29]
Amiko Kobayashi (foster daughter);
Frederick Hudson II (maternal cousin);
Truett Hudson (maternal first cousin once removed);
Victor Hudson (maternal first cousin once removed);
James Hudson (maternal first cousin once removed);
Heather McNeil Hudson (cousin once removed by marriage);
Claire Hudson (cousin twice removed;
Laura Kinney (X-23) (female clone/"daughter");
Gabby Kinney, Bellona (clones of Laura/"daughters") ;
X23_3PAR, Zelda, six unnamed clones (clones of Laura/"daughters", deceased);
Kouen (teenage clone/"son");
Avery Connor (construct based on his DNA);
Shogun (soul fragment)


Formerly X-Men (Jean Grey School member) (leader), Avengers Unity Division, Offer's Squad, Avengers, Murder Circus (brainwashed), Cyclops' and Archangel's X-Force (founding member, co-leader with Archangel), New Avengers, X.S.E., Horsemen of Apocalypse, New Fantastic Four, Secret Defenders, Clan Yashida, Department H, Flight/Alpha Flight, Department K, Knights of Wundagore, CIA Team X, [28] Weapon X, Canadian Army (Devil's Brigade, 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion), Logan's Mutant Team, Mighty, Hudson Bay Company, Landau, Luckman & Lake, S.H.I.E.L.D., Maximillian Ernesto Seville Circus, Mystique's Kansas City gang, Romulus' organization

Base Of Operations

Formerly Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, Salem Center, Westchester County, New York; Avengers Mansion, Manhattan, New York City, New York; Avengers Tower, Manhattan, New York City, New York; Cavern-X, Sedona, Arizona; Utopia, San Francisco Bay, California; Graymalkin Industries, San Francisco, California; Angel's Aerie, Rocky Mountains, Colorado; Alcatraz Island, San Francisco Bay, California; Bermuda Triangle; Cooterman's Creek, Australia; Princess Bar, Madripoor; Clan Yashida compound, Japan; Department H Facility, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; Weapon X Facility, Roanoke, Alberta, Canada



Public Identity


Canadian, (possible dual citizenship in Japan and/or Madripoor) [18]

Marital Status

Divorced; widowed


Master samurai warrior, headmaster, adventurer, instructor; formerly co-owner of the Princess Bar, bartender, bouncer, spy for several agencies, C.I.A. operative, government operative, mercenary, criminal, soldier (former captain in the Canadian armed forces, assigned to intelligence), sailor, miner, mechanic, leader


Privately tutored as a child, special military/espionage training [30]

Characteristics [151]




5' 3"


195 lbs (88 kg) (without Adamantium skeleton); 300 lbs. (136.1 kg) (with Adamantium skeleton).





Unusual Features

Animal-like canine teeth, two sets of three, foot-long retractable bone claws stored in his forearms covered in adamantium, mutton chop sideburns, unique hairstyle, hirsute physique, and scar on the right of his face which extends from the cheek to the forehead and passes through the eye.



Mutant, later grafted Adamantium on his skeleton by the Weapon X program.



Place of Birth

Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada


Len Wein, John Romita, Herb Trimpe First Appearance Incredible Hulk #180
(October, 1974)



    ... I'm Wolverine. I'm the best there is at what I do, but what I do best isn't very nice. -- Logan src  

    Claws pop for the first time

    Early Years

    Wolverine's life began in Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada, sometime between 1882 and 1885, [31] a couple of weeks before the 19th of April. [32] The mutant who would come to be known simply as "Logan" was born James Howlett, the illegitimate son of Elizabeth Howlett (who was married to John Howlett, owner of a large estate) and the Howletts' grounds-keeper, Thomas Logan. As a boy, James was notably frail and prone to bouts of allergic attacks. He was largely neglected by his mother, who had been institutionalized for a time following the death of her first son, John Jr., in 1897. James was constantly under the pressure of his grandfather, Mr. Howlett, who believed that James required constant punishment by a strong hand, in order to be raised properly. "Firm, but fair," was what Mr. Howlett said to justify his abusive actions. [1]

    James spent most of his early years on the Howlett Estate grounds with two playmates that lived at the estate with him: Rose O'Hara, a red-headed Irish girl who was brought in from town to be a companion to young James, and a boy nicknamed "Dog", Thomas Logan's son (and James's half-brother). The children were close friends, but, as they reached adolescence, the abuse inflicted upon Dog warped his mind. Dog made unwanted advances towards Rose, which James reported to his father. In retaliation, Dog killed James' puppy, leading to the expulsion of Thomas and Dog from the estate.

    Thomas, in a drunken stupor and armed with a shotgun, invaded the Howlett Estate with his son and attempted to take his former lover Elizabeth with him. John, Sr. attempted to stop him and Thomas shot him in the head, in cold blood. James had just entered the room when this occurred and his mutation finally manifested: bone claws extended from the backs of his hands and he attacked the intruders with uncharacteristic ferocity, killing Thomas and scarring Dog's face with three claw marks. Already an emotionally disturbed woman since the death of her first son, Elizabeth, completely unhinged, drove James away and took her life immediately afterward with a blast from Thomas' gun.

    Rose fled the estate with James in tow, hiding in a shed. James experienced his heightened senses for the first time telling Rose that he could smell apple dumplings.

    Dog falsely reported to the police and James' grandfather that Rose had murdered John, Sr. and Thomas. Rose led James to his grandfather's house, but Mr. Howlett simply ordered them to flee by train, with cold, cruel eyes, but still used his influence in town to help the pair escape, due to blood ties. Rose then fled the estate with James, who appeared to have been deeply traumatized and his healing factor had somehow driven the trauma from his memories, leaving him partially amnesiac.

    "Logan" leading a pack of wolves

    "Little Smitty"

    James and Rose later found themselves in the Yukon Territories in Canada, taking refuge in a British Columbia stone quarry, under the guise of being cousins. James also assumed the name of "Logan", in order to hide his identity. Within months, as the hard work of mining and the tough environment provoked traumatic changes in his body, Logan grew to be unusually healthy and ferocious, displaying enhanced agility and strength, possessing animal-like heightened senses that rivaled any animal's and learning to break the rocks by hating and bullying them.

    Later, Logan stated that it was a piece of his grandfather's devil personality. In his adulthood, James came to resemble the appearance of the groundskeeper much more closely than his legal father. Logan became a valuable and admirable figure among the small community of miners, due to his hard work and strong ethics, earning him the respect of his peers.

    Even the foreman, Smitty, who became a surrogate father figure to Logan, was impressed with him. Logan even gained the nickname "Little Smitty", due to their similar work ethics, and this brought him into conflict with Cookie Malone, Smitty's original favorite.

    Cookie took an instant dislike to Logan and continually hurt him, until Smitty came to his rescue. Cookie even shortened the fuse to an explosive of Logan's, killing five men. Cookie also cut Logan and Rose's rations, so Logan hunted deer in the woods and gave the extra to the neighbors, which made him more loved. Logan was immune to the elements, due to his healing factor, and even ran with the wolves in the forest, learning to hunt like an animal. Logan also defeated Cookie in a cage match, where he earned the nickname "the Wolverine". It was said that no one could beat Logan in a cage fight. After his victories, Logan would hear "It's not the size of the dog in the fight. It's the size of the fight in the dog" a phrase that he repeated out loud to make it come true. During this period, Logan developed strong feelings for Rose, but could not act on them for the sake of their guise as cousins. Smitty, who had been mentoring Logan all these years, had also grown close to Rose and the two eventually fell in love and became engaged, much to the scorn and surprise of Logan, who later accepted the situation for the sake of Rose's happiness.

    Meanwhile, his grandfather, Mr. Howlett, was in failing health and asked Dog to find Rose and his grandson, so he could make peace with them before he died. Dog agreed; however, Dog (who had become a physically formidable man himself) decided to track them down, so he could kill Logan. Dog hunted Logan and Rose down so easily that it seemed he had a preternatural skill for tracking.

    On the night that Smitty was due to leave the mining town with Rose, Logan fought him but allowed him to win, hoping to reconcile with him and Rose, but Dog finally found and confronted Logan. Dog reminded Logan of his past as James Howlett and that fateful night back on the estate that had changed all their lives. The two fought fiercely in the middle of the street and, despite being the physically stronger of the two, Dog was eventually overpowered by the enraged Logan.

    As Dog lay unconscious, Logan unsheathed his claws, for the first time in public (to the shock of everyone watching), and was about to deal the deathblow, when Rose leaped in to stop him, but was accidentally impaled by his claws. Horrified, Logan held her in his arms as she died. Stricken with grief and guilt for the death of his first love, Logan fled into the nearby woods, where he lived in self-imposed exile in a feral state with a pack of wolves for months, if not years.

    The Creeds

    Logan the Wolfish Man

    By 1907, Logan had found a family of wolves in the wilderness and began running with their pack. By suppressing the man beneath the instincts of the animal, Logan found a manner of peace. It didn't last. The sinister scientist Nathaniel Essex conducted an experiment by releasing an apex predator like a polar bear further south into the Canadian woods. The bear could not adapt its hunting techniques to the new environment, but its strength and raw power was enough to overcome Logan's pack while he was away, killing and eating the wolves. When he returned, Logan and the bear mortally wounded each other in a struggle, but only one had a healing factor. Logan survived and was alone again. [33]

    His victory did not go unnoticed. Essex's hired men soon found the bear's corpse and the signs it was killed by neither man nor beast. One of the men began telling tales of the "savage" at the local watering hole, drawing the curious and entrepreneurial. A circus promoter named Hugo came to the North with a brother and sister team called Saul and Clara, his tracker and animal trainer, respectively. Their skills allowed them to locate Logan where the brute force efforts of Essex and his Marauders failed. Logan remained the wild man and was promoted by Hugo as a "missing link" when he appeared in the big top. Clara believed there was a human soul inside Logan and tried to encourage him to speak, but Logan refused and just accepted his inhumane treatment as a new form of penance. [34]

    Essex was undeterred, however, and lured Hugo with Logan to his laboratory to "authenticate" his specimen. Essex killed Hugo and began experimental torture sessions on Logan to study his healing factor, including vivisection. Clara convinced Saul to help her rescue Logan, and the three of them escaped Essex's lab together. Clara spent the next month teaching Logan to behave like a man again, but their relationship made Saul jealous. He sold their location to Essex but, when it appeared as if Clara was killed in the crossfire, Saul and Logan joined forces to kill Essex. Clara and Saul were also mutants with healing powers, however, and when Clara tracked them down and Saul's misdoings were revealed, Logan was furious. Ignoring Clara's pleas, Logan drowned her brother in one of Essex's vats. Clara rejected Logan after that, retorting that the man inside him wasn't worth as much as the animal. (Logan never learned that Clara Creed told her older brother Victor about Saul's death, prompting an obsession that would last lifetimes.) [35]

    Logan´s Women

    Alone again, Logan wandered back out into the wilderness, but could not return to the wild as the animal he once thought he was. Fleeing Canada, Logan traveled down into California, where he worked in the fruit orchards. He met a young girl, a Mexican migrant worker, and despite the language barrier they felt an attraction for one another. One day, she led him without a word into the orchards and they made love for the first time. Logan never learned her name, and they never saw each other again. [36]

    Around this time, Logan met and fell in-love with many women. Unknown to him, Logan also fathered a number of children. Romulus, immortal mastermind and ruler of the wolf-like Lupine, had taken interest in the Hudson line, Logan's mother's family, and over coming decades he, whether directly or through proxies, altered or erased Logan's memories to suit him.

    Birthday Surprise

    Apparently under Romulus' guidance, Logan became a mercenary in Madripoor. Sometime later he met Chang, a businessman working for the firm Landau, Luckman & Lake. He met and romanced Seraph, a diminutive woman employed by Romulus, who had instructed her to form such relationship. In the next years Logan realized that Seraph and other acknowledges were under a single authority, but he didn't know, or care who it was. Possibly on his first trip to Japan, Logan encountered members of the ninja sect known as the Hand. The Hand extorted Logan into fighting Sabretooth, who was another Romulus operative murdering women in Tokyo. Logan defeated Sabretooth and thought he was dead, without knowing of Sabretooth's healing factor.

    At some point later, Logan traveled to another frontier community in the Canadian Rockies and met a young Blackfoot Indian woman, named Silver Fox, with whom he fell in love. The two shared a cabin together and lived happily for a time. Logan had made a new life for himself: hunting and farm chores around the homestead now his daily routine, but, as ever, there were other forces at work in his life. On Logan's birthday, Sabretooth, possibly under Romulus' orders, brutally attacked Silver Fox, raping her and leaving her for dead, the first of many birthday "surprises" from him to come. Enraged, Logan battled him in a bar, only to be defeated and left for dead. Sabretooth then manipulated a feral, mindless Logan into believing the people of a nearby town had ordered Silver Fox's death, prompting Logan to slaughter the inhabitants of the town, persuading him that "the townspeople are afraid of you--they don't want you around. So, they got rid of the one thing keeping you here".

    Later, employed by the Hudson's Bay Company as a fur trader to the Blackfoot Indians, Logan defeated the demonic snake-worm, known as Uncegila, a feat which earned him the Blackfoot warrior name of "Skunk-Bear" (or "Wolverine").

    Abroad, largely unseen conspiracy thus began to shape Logan, now robbed of his conscience and free will, into the perfect killer. Wherever Logan went, Creed, one of his handlers, was not far behind.

    World War I

    When World War I began in 1914, Logan joined the Canadian Army, where he was assigned to the Devil's Brigade, a special Canadian military unit sometimes used by Romulus. Logan's commanding officer was a super-humanly strong man known as Silas Burr (who would later become the mercenary Cyber), who was formerly an agent of the Pinkerton Private Detective Agency, where he abused his position, committing several atrocities, even burning down a schoolhouse full of children once. After being sentenced to death for his crimes, Burr was rescued from the courthouse, by Creed, and brought to the facility, hired by Frederick Hudson due to his sadistic nature. Yet another Romulus operative, Logan fell in love with female operative Janet per Burr's manipulation.

    Later in the war Logan and other soldiers were sent to Europe, and while fighting in Ypres, Belgium, on April 22, 1915, Logan encountered a being, called Lazaer (an anagram of Azrael, the Angel of Death), who was armed with a large broadsword and had been using it to kill soldiers on the same battlefield. They began to fight one another, with Lazaer initially gaining the upper hand, but, after being impaled with Lazaer's sword, Logan pulled it from his chest and stabbed it through his surprised opponent.

    Besting Lazaer in combat sent Logan in to a deep depression, even causing him to put a gun to his own head at one point. Logan started drinking considerably more as the war dragged on and ate less and less, until Lazaer finally confronted him. Lazaer explained that the depression was a punishment for defeating him and defying the natural order of things. It was also later revealed that because Logan defeated Lazaer, whenever Logan was wounded severely enough to tax even his healing factor, he recovered by defeating Lazaer in an astral arena.

    Afterwards, Logan was re-stationed in Canada, and Burr, under orders from Romulus' proxy, killed Janet as a lesson that whenever Logan overcame his inner bestial nature to care for someone, that person would die. Seeking for vengeance, Logan fought Burr, who severely beat him and gouged out his left eye. Logan descended to a near-feral state, his healing factor again obscuring his traumatic memories, and he fled Canada to travel abroad, as Romulus intended. Logan went to Shanghai, China, and he intervened in a conflict between locals and Ogun, a Japanese soldier, samurai and sorcerer. Impressed by Logan, Ogun offered to train him in the martial arts, but he declined.

    Logan and Mystique in 1921.

    Kansas City Bank Robbery

    In 1921, Logan found himself in the Mexican Sonoran Desert beaten, locked up by the local police, and accused of horse thievery. As Logan was blindfolded and tied to a post to be shot, by a firing squad, a voice next to him asked if he was a murderer. Logan answered, “…worse, a horse thief.”, and the person next to him turned out to be Mystique, who was also about to be killed for having blue skin. The locals thought she was a witch, even though she explained that she was simply born different, and Logan laughed at meeting someone like him there of all places. Mystique managed to untie herself, just before the firing squad shot, and Logan survived, due, once again, to his healing factor, and killed the guards.

    After they both escaped, Mystique stood surprised that Logan was able to survive and asked how he knew she would be able to free herself and escape. Logan responded, “I didn't.”, and, when she asked where he was going to next, he said the nearest bar. Mystique introduced herself to Logan and said that she had a group of friends in Kansas City that he would probably like to meet.

    Once in Kansas City, Mystique told Logan about her group, who scammed people. After meeting her crew, and saving one of them from an angry customer that was scammed, Mystique informed Logan that she and her crew were planning a bank heist and she wanted him to take part in it. When Logan expressed his reluctance to get attached to people, she told him that she knew it was hard to trust people, but that they could be a family and to trust her. They both kissed and Logan decided to help her.

    However, he tipped off the police about the planned bank robbery. Mystique cut and ran, and despite Logan's protests, her crew was killed by the police. Logan again found himself alone and with a festering hatred for the woman he had come to trust. He continued his own criminal activities for a few years, smuggling bootleg alcohol during Prohibition of the mid-1920s.

    Prohibition Era

    In the Prohibition Era, Logan also happened across a young vampire hunter named Eric Brooks in New York City, New York, and saved his life from a marauding vampire. [37] Around this time, Logan worked as a bootlegger bringing hooch down from Canada to Chicago or Minnesota. He ran afoul of Al Capone, who was using Victor Creed as a hitman. Capone and Creed lured Logan to the site of the infamous St. Valentine's Day Massacre, which he barely survived. [38] He had another encounter with rival bootleggers in Minnesota while working with his friend Elias from the Great War. Elias was killed by the mobsters and Logan tried to fulfill his last request of getting Elias' four kids to safety at their aunt's farm. In South Dakota, Logan was gifted with a motorcycle for his efforts protecting the kids, possibly his first motorcycle. [39]

    By 1932 Logan was in Madripoor again, and Seraph taught him how to be a better assassin. Around this time, Logan started to use his recurrent alias "Patch", if not before. Some time later, Logan remembered Ogun's offer and he went to Japan to better learn self-discipline. There, he spent years under Ogun's tutelage, and Logan regarded him as a surrogate father. Around the mid-1930s, Logan formed a partnership with Raven Darkholme and Irene Adler, two mutant adventurers and lovers. Maybe because of memory alteration, Logan was unaware that the apparently male Raven was Mystique. Later, Logan went into action in Spain during its Civil War. In 1937, Logan, under Romulus' orders, spent two years learning espionage from Taras Romanov, and in turn Logan gave hand-to-hand combat lessons to Natasha Romanoff, Taras' ward. Taras then told Natasha to kill Logan, but Logan instead killed him and allowed Natasha to depart.

    Logan during World War II.

    World War II

    In 1939, when World War II began, Logan returned to the Devil's Brigade, again under Burr's command, although his memories of Burr's crimes were mostly purged. Seraph was like Logan's handler in Madripoor, and she prepared him for more covert missions for Romulus. In the summer of 1941, both she and Logan worked with the US super-soldier Captain America and others in order to sabotage an alliance between the Hand and Baron Strucker, luring the Hand's Jonin, their leader, out of hiding. Natasha Romanoff, now a Romulus operative, wanted to kill the Jonin, but Logan, regretting how he trained her to be an assassin, killed the Jonin himself. Later that same year, Logan, under orders to recruit or kill the Cap, worked with him and Bucky in Tunisia, where Logan met Sgt. Nick Fury. Finally, Logan decided not to kill Captain America, creating a rift between Seraph and himself.

    In 1942, Logan participated as a paratrooper for the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion, during the Normandy landings on D-Day, as well as the liberation of the Netherlands. Logan may have also been a spy for the Allied Forces and he spent time in the Sobibor Death Camp in Poland, where he psychologically tortured three Nazi commandants by simply never speaking and returning every time they ordered him executed. While at Sobibor, Logan was known as "Prisoner Zero". A year later he surfaced in Newell, California, overseeing inhumane experimentation on Japanese prisoners of war. Even though Logan had been a hardened killer, he was atypically cruel during this period, his personality probably altered by Romulus. In 1945, Logan was captured by Japanese soldiers in Japan, where he was sent to a prison camp in Nagasaki. Logan escaped from his cell along with Lt. Ethan Warren, an American soldier who was also captured, and found refuge and love in a local Japanese girl, named Atsuko. Unfortunately, Lt. Warren, himself a mutant, returned and murdered the girl and the two men fought, until both were caught in the atomic bombing of Hiroshima that destroyed much of the city. Logan survived, but was devastated to lose another woman in his life.

    Fathering Daken

    After the war ended, Logan sought redemption in Jasmine Falls, Japan, and he studied with Bando Saburo, in order to learn how to be a man and leave his warrior nature behind. Finally at peace since Silver Fox's supposed death, Logan met and fell in love with a local woman, named Itsu Akihiro and they married and conceived a child together, unknown to Logan.

    In 1946, while Logan was proving himself worthy of being a father in combat, the demon sword-smith, Muramasa, created an explosion that caused Logan to accidentally stab a villager with his claws. Logan was banned from the village, but wanted to say good-bye to Itsu. Returning to their self-built home, Logan found Itsu murdered, by Bucky Barnes, now the brainwashed Winter Soldier. Although Barnes ostensibly served the USSR, he was acting under Romulus' orders. Believing their child to be dead, Logan mistakenly blamed Muramasa, who captured and tortured him. When Muramasa's underlings prepared to dispose of Logan, Romulus, or maybe his operative, killed them. Unknown to Logan, Romulus took the child from Itsu's womb, and he was safely born and adopted by a Japanese couple. This child was named Akihiro, but he eventually took the name "Daken", which means "Mongrel". Nine years later Daken fell under the influence of Romulus, and he was told lies that his father despised him and abandoned him, filling Daken with hatred.

    San Francisco's Chinatown

    In 1958, Logan wandered into San Francisco’s Chinatown, looking for some good noodles. He came across members of the Black Dragon Tong shaking down a restaurant owner and his daughter Lin for protection money. Logan chased the thugs away with little effort, and took a liking to Lin, so he decided to stay awhile. Soon Logan found himself orchestrating a revolution in Chinatown, uniting all the kung fu schools into his army against the Black Dragons with Lin at his side. Only after he decapitated the Black Dragon in a swordfight did Logan realize the people of Chinatown expected him to become the NEW Black Dragon. A Dragon was a necessary evil to holding the warring tongs together, and so the people named Logan the Fist of Legend and passed on the Spear of the Black Dragon to him. But Logan wasn’t interested in ruling. He was, in essence, just looking for a good fight, and refused the honor. Lin and the people turned on Logan for his rejection, and he was warned to never set foot in Chinatown again. [40]

    CIA and Cold War

    Logan resurfaced as a mercenary. It's unknown if he retained his memories of Itsu. Chang arranged for Landau, Luckman and Lake to handle Logan's business affairs and find assignments, and Logan would in exchange do occasional services. He operated most of the times from Ottawa and Calgary, with few exceptions into South America and Madripoor, working for government agencies, and he became one of the deadliest free agents of the intelligence field. Working for the CIA, Logan, indulged in this brutal mission per Romulus' command, helped participate in turning a boy, named Frank Simpson, into the deranged super-soldier, Nuke. In 1953 Frank, growing up watching his alcoholic mother constantly verbally abuse his meek father, was influenced by his babysitter into killing his mother. Meanwhile, as Frank's father drove the babysitter home, she abruptly pulled out his flask and began to drink it and then seduced him. After pulling over into the nearby woods, the couple was interrupted by a police officer, who was revealed to be Logan. Logan asked Frank's father to sit back in his seat and shot the babysitter, with Frank's gun. Logan then suggested that Frank's father had taken advantage of the babysitter, plying her with alcohol and even going so far as to shooting her because she resisted. Frank's father realized the gravity of the situation and, seeing no other way, he shot himself.

    Logan continued his espionage work, becoming a favorite of both America's and Canada's secret services, even teaming up with Ben Grimm (later known as the Thing) to participate in a Cold War-era government mission. When guarding Michael Carling, a scientist, for Landau, Luckman and Lake, Logan fought Kimora, who was after Carling's expertise in large-scale transportation between Earth and Kageumbra, his home dimension. Kimora defeated Logan, and even called him a beast in a man's clothing; however, Chang seemingly decapitated Kimora after this. Logan retired for a while, returning to Jasmine Falls and spending years there seeking his lost tranquility, until Chang found him and asked for his help to prevent Kimora from conquering Earth via Carling's technology. They both traveled to Kageumbra, where Logan and Kimora fought once again. Logan relied this time upon meditative training and berserker rage, and he hurled Kimora into a dimension-travelling device, which he destroyed. Again on Earth, Chang offered Logan a position with Landau, Luckman and Lake, but Logan declined.

    During his time into the CIA, Wolverine had also allegedly participated in strikes against three African leaders, stating on records and information of the Mbangawi rode by the Doctor Crocodile. [41]

    The Team X Project

    Logan with fellow Team X member Victor Creed (Sabretooth)

    By 1961, Logan, known as Wolverine now, joined the Weapon X Project, part of the Weapon Plus Program, which had been created to fight the mutant menace. Nevertheless, Weapon X only used mutants as superhuman operatives on international tasks. He was then placed on the Black Ops squad run by the CIA, called Team X, with Sabretooth and Silver Fox (it's unknown if they remembered their past history at this point), Maverick, Kestrel and Mastodon. During this time, Logan and the others received memory implants via staged scenarios, telepathic manipulation by Aldo Ferro, and other technology. Weapon X also duplicated Wolverine's healing factor and implanted it in Team X, slowing their aging processes. In 1963 Silver Fox betrayed Wolverine and Sabretooth to enemy soldiers, and she fled Weapon X.

    In 1968, Wolverine was shot with Carbonadium bullets, which slowed his healing factor so that Weapon X or Romulus could know how to kill him. The bullets were removed, but he awoke earlier than expected, and he regained his memories for the first time in years, because they hadn't been altered yet. Logan tried to keep the secret, and he rendezvoused with Team X in Berlin, East Germany. The team retrieved the Carbonadium Synthesizer and Janice Hollenbeck, a double agent. However, Sabretooth, apparently was aware that Wolverine had regained his memories, killed Janice to reinforce Wolverine's conditioning about innocents dying when he overstepped Romulus' boundaries. He quit Team X, but fell back under Romulus' influence, turning to atypically sadistic activities. On that same year, while in Vietnam as a Russian adviser, Logan tortured and brainwashed Frank Simpson, now a soldier, into becoming a murderous madman, known as Nuke.

    Wolverine's Mutant Team

    Eventually, Team X did dissolve, and despite his relatively exemplary service record, Logan drifted out of official channels for a time. His memory of his bone claws returned (or perhaps more accurately, was allowed to return by Romulus), and Logan began to see himself as nothing more than a mercenary and a hired killer. Either because of this change in self-perception or more memory tampering, Logan was on better terms with Creed than he had been in years, considering him a good man to have his back. Times were changing in America, however, as the general public and the government slowly began to recognize the presence of mutants in their midst. Logan soon realized the government was now actively hunting mutants. Deciding to make a stand against this sort of treatment, Logan recruited Creed to help him obstruct the government’s plans.

    Logan and Creed rescued or located a number of young mutants. They had some setbacks, however, when they failed to recruit a young Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr. Logan brought his recruits to a safe house in Upstate New York for further training. Creed took a particular liking to Holo, an eighteen-year-old girl with illusion powers who helped him feel like a man beneath his bestial exterior. Seeing a chance at happiness, Creed tried to get out of the fight and take Holo with him before things turned bad, but Logan and Holo convinced him to remain with the group. Holo believed in Logan and helped calm his own doubts about his goals and leadership. Logan’s plan was to pit the government against the bottom dollar, using sabotage and guerrilla tactics to make hunting mutants too expensive to continue. Once the agency was weakened, he and perhaps Creed would offer their services as mutant agents voluntarily in exchange for the younger mutants being allowed to remain free and unmolested by the government.

    Unfortunately, the government pushed back far harder than Logan anticipated. The fanatical anthropologist turned cyberneticist Bolivar Trask provided the agency with mutant-hunting Sentinel prototypes, and the deformed mutant Virus used his mental powers to infiltrate Logan’s group on behalf of the government. Despite the warnings and plea for common ground proposed by Agent Fred Duncan, a violent raid was launched on Logan’s safe house, leading to a number of deaths. The worst of it came when Virus mentally forced Creed to lethally wound Holo with his claws. As the distraught Creed fled with Holo in a vain attempt to get her medical care, Logan stayed behind as his dream, and the house literally collapsed around him.

    In the aftermath, the mutant department did collapse from over-expenditure. Only the cautious Fred Duncan was still employed to research “the mutant agenda,” and the government’s position on the matter went back to square one. Despite this “victory,” Logan hated himself for failing Victor and getting the others killed. He was trying to drown his sorrows when Creed arrived at the bar to confront him. Victor made it clear he blamed Logan for Holo’s death, and costing Creed the only chance at happiness he would likely ever see. Creed coldly told Logan he wasn’t there to kill him, but if Logan ever picked himself up and dared to be happy about something again, Creed would be there to take it away from him every time. As Victor departed, Logan stumbled out into the parking lot. He was met by Canadian government agents and, with nowhere else to go, Logan agreed to return to service. [42]

    Department K

    By 1972, Wolverine joined Department K, a secret Canadian Defense Ministry branch with ties to Weapon X. Based in Ottawa, he partnered with Neil Langram and worked with Nick Fury, now a high-ranking CIA agent, and with Richard and Mary Parker. Years later, Langram was sought as an operative by the Hellfire Club, but he refused, and he was then slain by Sabretooth, hired as a mercenary. Wolverine and Carol Danvers, a young US spy, investigated and confronted Sabretooth at the Club's Canadian facility. Sabretooth told Wolverine details of the Club's intent to guide a war between mutants and humans. Sabretooth then bombed the facility, but he, Wolverine and Danvers survived. A troubled Wolverine turned to drugs and alcohol, and he was dismissed from Department K after accidentally shooting a fellow agent. Disgusted with himself, he planned to lose himself in the Yukon.

    Wolverine prepped for adamantium bonding process

    Weapon X Program

    But before leaving Canada, while in his Lotus Seven, Logan was pumped full of Thorazine, beaten, and kidnapped, by a group of armed men from the Weapon X Project, possibly under Romulus' orders. The man known only as the Professor, Dr. Abraham Cornelius, and Dr. Carol Hines began to examine Logan while he floated in a containment tank. Logan's skeleton, including his claws, was bonded with the indestructible metal known as adamantium, making it unbreakable, and his personality was buried beneath the most intense brainwashing he had ever undergone. While in the tank, Logan was put under deep hypnosis, telling him that he was not a man or individual, and being a man disgusted him. The Project wanted Logan to believe that he was an obedient animal and that individuality lead to suffering and death. Reduced to a near-mindless state, Logan was forced by Weapon X to slaughter every inhabitant of the small town of Roanoke as a test. Logan proved too difficult for the Weapon X Program to control and, after many years, he broke free of the programming, fell into a berserker fury and escaped the facility, with the help of the Winter Soldier, killing nearly everyone except for the Professor, Dr. Cornelius, Dr. Hines, and Malcolm Colcord, who later became the Director of a new Weapon X Program. Wolverine's healing factor was probably exhausted by his ordeal, since over the next few years he healed more slowly than ever before.

    Driven into savagery by the experiment, Logan wandered the forests of the Canadian Rockies for months, living in a feral state, ironically, not far from the place of his birth. It was during this period Logan saved the life of a creature, known as Hunter in Darkness, one of a race of feral beings apparently mystical in origin. A psychic link of some sort was established between the two, to resurface in later years. On occasion, Logan's human personality surfaced, to the extent that, years later, he was able to recall pleasant experiences in these woods. Years after this experience, Logan's memories of much of his past would remain clouded, as a result of the Weapon X experiment and additional false memories during the procedure as well.

    Department H

    Wandering the woods, Logan was eventually discovered by Heather and James "Mac" Hudson, a young couple honeymooning in the Rockies, whom he attacked, only to be shot by Hudson, whom neither knew was Wolverine's cousin from his maternal Hudson line. While he recovered, Logan regained enough of his human persona to be horrified at his claws, believing them to be artificial implants. Recovering his mental faculties with the Hudson's help, Logan became a member of Canada's Department H, the superhuman-oriented government agency James Hudson founded. Sometime later, Wolverine consulted adamantium expert Myron MacLain, and he was targeted by Sabretooth and, under Silver Fox's leadership, Hydra. Wolverine was aided by Nick Fury, Carol Danvers and Natasha Romanoff, now the Russian super-spy Black Widow. Even though Wolverine and his allies triumphed, his full memories remained not restored, and he didn't recognize former friends or enemies. Logan eventually regained memories of Burr, Seraph, Captain America and other parts of his life, but due to Weapon X intervention and his healing factor, some areas were left blank, like his life with Itsu and much of his Team X service. Logan also underwent ongoing intense psychotherapy to help him control his berserker rages. As a Department H operative, he returned to espionage and served primarily in Siberia and the Western Pacific, like Asia's Pacific Rim and its adjacent islands, including Japan. He accepted deadly and brutal assignments that no other agent would, and he soon rose to Captain in the Canadian Armed Forces. Eventually, Romulus or his proxies contacted Wolverine, who received secret orders to facilitate Romulus' interests even while on Department H missions.

    After the Fantastic Four's debut, Hudson steered the Department H's resources to form a super-team sponsored by the government. He nominated Wolverine for leadership of this team, which was called the Flight. Contemplating the wisdom of this move, Wolverine temporarily returned to Madripoor to reunite with Seraph. He helped her and Viper, her new student, against Sabretooth, probably a case of infighting in Romulus' forces. Seraph sacrificed her life for Wolverine, but before dying, she made him promise to help Viper in the future. Seraph's heroism influenced Wolverine to agree to Hudson's proposal, although he also continued espionage missions abroad.

    When a 40th century time-traveler called D'von Kray invaded Canada trying to hunt fellow time-traveler Cable, Wolverine captured Kray and turned him over to Department H. Hudson hoped Kray's technology could empower super-agents, but Kray soon escaped and resumed tracking Cable, pursued by Wolverine. Kray was defeated by Wolverine and Cable, and Cable became a mercenary whom Wolverine encountered during select missions. After this, Wolverine worked with CIA agent Rick Stoner to retrieve one of Hudson's prototype empowered-armor suits, stolen by Hydra. Meanwhile, Hudson subjected William Nowlan, a convicted murderer, to experimental procedures to manifest superhuman powers. Wolverine, maybe remembering his Weapon X experimentation, warned Hudson that Nowlan, now called Bedlam, might prove uncontrollable. His prediction accurate, Wolverine assisted Hudson in placing the insane Bedlam in suspended animation. Months after the Avengers' debut, Wolverine recruited Canadian Detective Sean Bernard to be a member of the Flight. As Groundhog, Bernard wore Hudson's Guardian armor. Some weeks later, the criminal Egghead led superhuman mercenaries to extort funds from Canada, threatening via a nuclear warhead. Wolverine led Flight trainees against Egghead and his minions, and even though the mission succeeded, trainee Saint Elmo died, Groundhog resigned, and some other trainees proved unsuited for such missions. Hudson, taking notice of this, divided the Flight into three divisions of increasing proficiency: Gamma Flight, Beta Flight and Alpha Flight. [ citation needed ]

    Later, on an espionage assignment, Wolverine went to Vladivostok, Russia, where he worked with Nick Fury before him being appointed director of SHIELD. While Alpha Flight's preparation continued, Wolverine traveled to Japan to seek Ogun's advice, but he found out that Ogun had surrendered himself to dark magic and he was now an assassin, a role into which he intended to enslave Wolverine. Escaping this situation and deeply disturbed, Wolverine vowed to never return to Japan.

    As Wolverine prepared to publicly debut as a super hero, he was kidnapped by the Leader, as were Hercules and Karkas, all of whom the Leader intended to use against the Hulk. Wolverine and the other prisoners escaped, but coincidentally the Hulk arrived in Canada shortly before Wolverine. The Canadian military mobilized to fight the Hulk, but Wolverine received orders from Romulus to attract an unidentified party's attention by fighting the Hulk. Wolverine started a battle with the Hulk and a Wendigo. Wolverine's speed and maneuverability proved to be a match for the two plodding powerhouses, but after realizing Hulk was a more formidable opponent, he changed tactics. Teaming up with Hulk to take out the Wendigo, Hulk threw the Wendigo into a patch of trees and Wolverine then delivered the finishing blow. The Hulk and Wolverine kept on fighting, and as Hulk had by now grown so enraged that Wolverine's adamantium claws failed to penetrate Hulk's skin, the Hulk emerged victorious and Hulk abandoned the unconscious Wolverine, unaware of his healing factor. The defeated Wolverine returned to Department H. [43] Still slated to take leadership of Alpha Flight, Wolverine spent weeks completing some espionage missions, even when various factors made him increasingly troubled by his service to Department H.

    Logan becomes Wolverine

    Joining the X-Men

    During his leadership of Alpha Flight, Wolverine was approached by Charles Xavier, attracted by his fight with the Hulk (as Romulus expected), who was looking for mutants to help his students, the X-Men, to escape from the island-being known as Krakoa. Wolverine resigned from Department H to accompany Professor Xavier and rescue the captured X-Men. [44] Wolverine, under Romulus' instructions, tried to assassinate Xavier, but he broke Romulus' hold on Wolverine by blocking the effects of his programming. Neither man knew their enemy's identity at the time. After Krakoa was defeated, Wolverine decided to stay with the X-Men, at the School for Gifted Youngsters, with fellow new recruits Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Thunderbird, and Banshee, as the original members left to pursue a normal life. [45]

    Logan remained with the X-Men for quite some time, but a rivalry grew between him and Cyclops, one of the reasons being that he had fallen for Scott's girlfriend, telekinetic telepath Jean Grey, who soon rejoined the group. Despite decades of hard-earned cynicism and at first skeptical of Xavier's hope for mutant and human coexistence, Wolverine began to respect his ideals, determination and goals, and grew to be a loyal and trusted member of the X-Men. Wolverine also developed a strong friendship with Nightcrawler.

    When the X-Men traveled to Agarashima, Japan, the first time for Wolverine since breaking with Ogun, he met Lady Mariko Yashida and aided her cousin, former X-Man Sunfire, in battling Moses Magnum. Although she was unable to requite his love, Wolverine fell in love with Lady Mariko, heir to an extremely powerful Yakuza family in Tokyo. Initially frightened, Mariko was soon set at ease by Wolverine, who was attracted to her gentle demeanor, and both fell in love. [46] The X-Men departed, but they were diverted to Calgary, Alberta, where they battled James Hudson, now calling himself Vindicator, aided by Alpha Flight, who wanted to arrest their former would-be leader. Wolverine surrendered to the Canadian team, but somehow escaped and returned to the mansion with his team.

    After Wolverine and Nightcrawler sneaked into the Hellfire Club, the Phoenix fell under Mastermind and the Hellfire Club's control and transformed into the Black Queen. After the X-Men battled the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle, Phoenix underwent another transformation into the Dark Phoenix and soared through the universe, where she devoured an entire star and the five billion inhabitants of one of its planets. When Phoenix returned to Earth, she threatened to kill everyone, but Professor Xavier was able to keep Phoenix under control and helped her will herself back to normal. The X-Men were then teleported away by the Shi'ar. The Shi'ar Empire had witnessed Dark Phoenix consuming the star and the X-Men were forced to battle with the Imperial Guard over Phoenix's fate. The battle triggered her transformation into Dark Phoenix once more. Phoenix understood that she would never be able to fully control the dark hunger inside and sacrificed herself on the Moon.

    Wolverine later made the first change to his costume and journeyed to Canada to make things right with Alpha Flight and Department H, accompanied by Nightcrawler. Together with Alpha Flight, they battled a Wendigo. Logan grew closer to his friends and even dared Nightcrawler to walk down the main street of Salem Center undisguised, in his natural shape and took the underage Colossus to bars. Logan also aided Spider-Man in battling Mentallo. Later, the Brood retaliated by implanting embryos in all of the X-Men, but Logan's healing factor and Storm's new connection to an Acanti saved them all. The X-Men returned home to battle the Brood Queen that was inside of Professor Xavier and saved his life by transplanting his mind into a cloned body.

    After the X-Men watched a televised debate, between Professor X and Reverend William Stryker, they received news that Cyclops, Storm, and the Professor had died in a car accident. While investigating the scene of the accident, the X-Men were attacked by the Purifiers and rescued by Magneto. After capturing their attackers, the X-Men and Magneto tortured them for information and rescued Kitty, who was being pursued by Purifiers. After arriving at Stryker's base, the X-Men and Magneto rescued Cyclops and Storm and Magneto resuscitated them. Professor X was taken to Madison Square Garden, where he was attached to a machine that, using his brainpower, would kill all living mutants. Magneto, with his psi-shielded helmet, was able to distract the Professor enough for the X-Men to destroy the machine. Televised, Cyclops entered into a debate with Stryker about his actions and Stryker pulled a gun, attempting to kill Kitty. Before he could fire, Stryker was shot-down, by a police officer. Later at the mansion, Professor Xavier admitted that Magneto was right and began to accept his offer to join, until Scott stopped him and stated that he believed in the Professor's dream and will see it come true. Following Storm, Kitty, and Colossus, the X-Men battled Dracula again, this time Logan was bitten by Dracula and attacked Cyclops until Rachel van Helsing destroyed Dracula. Logan stopped Storm from assisting Rachel in suicide, per Rachel's request, stating that killing was his profession and while embracing her, drove a wooden steak through her heart.

    Engaged to Mariko

    After investigating the return of his letters to Mariko, Logan learned that she had been married to an abusive husband, Noburo Hideki. Logan intended to kill her husband, but was then drugged and challenged to a duel of wooden swords by Mariko's father, Lord Shingen. During the duel, Logan was soundly beaten and humiliated in front of Mariko, due to the poisoning and Shingen using deadly pressure points. Logan then threw the sword and unsheathed his claws, only to be beaten more and revered as an "animal cast in a semblance of human form", for using deadly force in a non-lethal duel. With this act, Logan had dishonored himself to Mariko and was cast into the streets, where he was rescued by Yukio, later his close friend and sometimes lover. After being attacked by the Hand, Yukio manipulated Logan into helping her, which led to further embarrassment in front of Mariko. Upon realizing his deceit, Logan took the fight directly to Shingen. After Yukio killed Mariko's husband, Wolverine was forced to kill Lady Mariko's father, Lord Shingen, in a duel. Afterward, Mariko gave Logan the Clan Yashida Masamune sword, stating he was worthy. [47] Forged 800 years ago by the supreme sword-smith Masamune, the sacred blade represented everything that was best and most noble in the family and the samurai, the lord’s champion, who wielded it. With the deaths of her father and husband, Mariko was named head of Clan Yashida. Logan stayed with her, and they later announced their engagement.

    Before the wedding service, Viper and Mariko's half-brother Silver Samurai poisoned the X-Men and battled Logan over control of Clan Yashida, from Mariko. At first enraged at seeing Rogue had joined the X-Men, Logan gained her respect after she saved the life of Mariko, by jumping in front of a shot from Viper intended for her. Mariko and Logan became estranged, due to the honor customs of her family, as well as the manipulations of the villain Mastermind, and Logan returned the Masamune sword to her. [48] After the X-Men defeated Mastermind, Mariko returned the honor sword to him and stated that she had to break her Clan's criminal connections. Mariko felt that she could not marry Wolverine until she did this. The X-Men again battled with Mastermind, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and the Morlocks.


    Weeks later, the X-Men battled a giant dragon when they were teleported to Japan. Unable to save a dying woman, Wolverine vowed to protect her daughter, Amiko Kobayashi. [49] Logan initially left Amiko in the care of Mariko and the X-Men next battled Selene. Amiko would eventually become Wolverine's foster daughter.

    Kitty Pryde and Wolverine

    Following a distress call from teammate Kitty Pryde, Wolverine traveled to Japan. Kitty was then captured and put under the mental control of Ogun. Ogun mentally controlled her, transforming her body and soul as he had originally intended to do to Wolverine. After arriving in Japan, Kitty was sent to kill Wolverine and injured him greatly, but with help from Yukio, she was restored. Wolverine undertook a crash program to teach Kitty's body, just as Ogun had taught her mind, to become skillful enough in the Japanese martial arts to contend against Ogun and to help her overcome his evil. Kitty went to face Ogun herself, who was attempting to kill Mariko and Amiko to punish Wolverine. After being defeated by Ogun, he offered Kitty, calling herself Shadowcat, to join him or die. At that time, Wolverine came to her rescue. Sadly, Wolverine was also overwhelmed and the two of them sat helplessly at Ogun's mercy. In a turn of events, Kitty informed Wolverine that she was scared until he arrived and when he apologized, she stated that she did not want an apology, but life. At that moment, Wolverine turned the battle and defeated Ogun and Kitty regained her innocence that Ogun had taken. After killing Ogun, although his spirit survived, Logan and Kitty became very close friends, with her as a near-foster daughter to him. [50]

    Rachel Summers/The Morlock Massacre

    Later, Logan was attacked by Lady Deathstrike and her first Reavers and he was aided by Katie Power. Unable to heal on his own, Wolverine was taken by the X-Men to the Morlock Healer and his teammate Phoenix attempted to telekinetically heal him. Rachel opened her mind to Wolverine's and, soon after, Rachel decided to kill Selene for her attack when she first arrived in the mainstream timeline. Wolverine, mentally sensing Rachel's intentions, stabbed Rachel in the chest to prevent her from vengefully murdering Selene.

    реплики Longines адмирал
    seamaster klokke
    cartier orologi listino prezzi
    часы omega для продажи
    orologio cartier per gli uomini

    Muffins très simples

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    temps 30 min
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    Nombre de personnes

    • 280 g de farine
    • 2 oeufs
    • 100 g de sucre
    • 150 ml de lait
    • 80 g de beurre (ou 8 cuillères à soupe d'huile)
    • 1 sachet de levure chimique
    • 1 sachet de sucre vanillé
    • 1 pincée de Sel
    • Cannelle
    • Extrait de vanille
    • Eau de vie, etc..)
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    • 1 grille à gâteaux
    • 1 moule à muffins
      10€90 sur Marmiton Boutique
    • 1 saladier
    • 1 cuillère en bois
    • 1 four

    Préparation imprimer

    temps total : 30 min
    Préparation : Prép. : 15 min
    Cuisson : 15 min
    1. Etape 1

      Dans un premier saladier : mélanger la farine, le sucre, le sel, le sucre vanillé et la levure.
    2. Etape 2

      Dans un deuxième saladier : mélanger le lait, l'huile(ou beurre fondu) et les oeufs.
    3. Etape 3

      Verser le contenu du second saladier dans le premier et remuer jusqu'à obtenir une pâte plutôt lisse. Laissez tout de même quelques petits grumeaux.
    4. Etape 4

      Mettre au four 15 min à 180°C (thermostat 6)

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    5 / 5
    de FlorenceL25 • 8 juillet à 11h13

    Très bonne recette, facile à faire et facilement adaptable si on veut varier les saveurs !

    5 / 5
    de Sara_Perez • 28 mai à 13h14

    Tres bonne recette! Je recommande!

    5 / 5
    de Marg0tte • 7 mai à 10h42

    Très facile à faire et tres bon !

    4 / 5
    de Alexetfred63 • 4 mai à 17h58

    J'ai mis un peu moins de sucre, des pépites de chocolat et 5 minutes de plus de cuisson! Unndelice!

    5 / 5
    de Biboobronx • 1 mai à 15h05

    Très bons muffins. Je les ai fait marbrés à la vanille et au chocolat: PARFAITS !

    4 / 5
    de Mimi3121 • 20 avril à 21h11

    Recette très facile, muffins très bons !!

    5 / 5
    de jaimeStark • 13 avril à 0h45

    Recette juste parfaite !! Après avoir testé diverses recettes de muffins j'ai toujours été déçue .. Mais c'est la elle est délicieuse , moelleuse que l'on peut agrémenter a son goût . Merci pour le partage.

    5 / 5
    de elshocht • 10 avril à 11h29

    Four chaleur tournante : 20 minutes 160° - avec chocolat instantané (3 cuillères à soupe de nesquick): mmmm des enfants !)

    5 / 5
    de Kikame • 30 mars à 16h37

    Très bon facile à réaliser !

    5 / 5
    de laure_40 • 25 mars à 16h30

    Excellents et vite préparé. J'ai juste mis moins de sucre question goût personnel.

    5 / 5
    de Profdegym • 18 mars à 15h00

    Super!!! J'ai ajouté des pépites de chocolat

    5 / 5
    de gugusmo • 3 mars à 18h58

    Excellent avec de la framboise ou du nutella.

    5 / 5
    de Frenchkiss64 • 25 février à 8h17

    Super recette ! J'ajoute des pépites de chocolat par rapport à la recette. Tout le monde est ravi !

    4 / 5
    de Soline_Bth • 18 février à 13h55

    Très bon.

    5 / 5
    de fifi_lili • 18 février à 0h34

    Trop bon avec les fruits secs et CHOCOLAT

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