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Omega Supplies has established itself as the premier Funeral Supply company in the UK. Our contacts span the global market and in turn provide the customer with some of the best quality products available today. Customer feedback on our goods is of paramount importance which is why we source some of the finest merchandise available. The quality to you is assured.

A superb range of embalming and mortuary supplies are featured within our catalogue. Cosmetics, urns and coffins, gowns, embalming instruments, aspiration and injection equipment, trolleys, tables and stretchers and embalming fluids through to specialist cold chambers and refrigeration units.

If you require further information please contact our sales office, using one of the contact methods below, and we will be pleased to help.

Omega Supplies UK Limited
38 High Street
LN12 2HB
United Kingdom

Registered in England No. 6456848
VAT Registration No. GB 817 5782 0000

+44 (0)1507 440200

+44 (0)1507 443100


Omega UK

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Omega Laser Systems have more than 25 years of research, developing and manufacturing experience in low level laser therapy.


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