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X-overs + Star Trek Online Crossover
Star Trek Odyssey URE
Prepare for the renewal of the odyssey which spans across the multiverse, as the USS Ra Cailum and her crew set out to explore strange new universes, seeking out new life and civilizations, and to boldly go where no man has gone before!
Rated: Fiction M - English - Adventure/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 23 - Words: 107,068 - Reviews: 82 - Favs: 63 - Follows: 65 - Updated: 10/17 - Published: 5/16 - id: 12491136
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USS Ra Cailum


Captain's Log, USS Ra Cailum, Stardate 87759.6: After THREE MONTHS in that insane universe, we're exited the wormhole again, only to find ourselves in another universe that is not our own. Gardner, I will SHOOT YOU for this. We're currently in orbit of a strange world that's jamming the piss out of our sensors if we look in for detailed scans. I've called a meeting of the senior staff tomorrow morning along with our Celestial Being tagalongs.

Pray that I survive this shit.

It looked like Earth at a glance.

But the lack of space stations in orbit, the shattered moon and the continents clearly stated that this was NOT Earth, not to mention the quantum signature.

But Jaden had… bigger problems. That all stemmed from Ron's newest toy: the CB-0000G/C Reborns Gundam/Cannon. After the battle, he pointed at it and said 'mine'. Sumeragi asked why, Ron's voice turned demonic and repeated the word, she backed away in fear and said go nuts.

But the Gundam (whose head he was going to replace with something that actually LOOKED like a Gundam's head) wasn't the problem.

Nena Trinity was. All he did was talk to Sonja and she was… well. It looked as though it would result in violence. He didn't really know why though. Sonja was awesome! He has finally found someone who knows as much and more about engineering as he does! She had been showing him the hoops on Starfleet tech ever since they joined. But Nena just kept on glaring at her whenever they were in the same room.

"We've finally worked out the GN particle jamming problem." Sonja declared. "Took me THREE WEEKS to create the sensor filters and all of the shit we need for the ship to use the shit without jamming our own sensors."

"You're planning on using it with this monster?" Jaden asked, incredulous.

"It's a nigh-infinite power source that we can use as a backup supply in case we run out of deuterium." She explained. "Granted, it'll just be enough to power basic life support and impulse engines, as well as a few other systems, but it's enough to find another source of fuel."

"Nice to know." Jaden moved over to holo-table. "Also, I've started planning on the Morningstar's successor, something that has the sheer MS capability that Ron wants, while also able to sport a warp field. Call me paranoid, but I think we're gonna be getting a lot more ships in the near future."

"We have no luck. Knowing us, we're screwed." The door to main engineering opened, allowing Nena to enter the core of the starship. It was her first time in the massive drive core of the Ra Cailum, but she had no time to be impressed, though she was. VERY.

She had a mission to make sure that bitch Henderson stayed away from Jaden.

Her eyes searched the area like a hawk, and she found her target, standing next to a holotable with Jaden.

"The GN particles interact with the dilithium in ways that boost the performance of the warp core, increasing power generation by 150%." Sonja was saying. "I think we can boost that, but I REALLY don't want to use this shit in Trans-Am at warp speed."

"Yeah, if the twin drive is anything to go by, we really don't want that." Jaden replied. "I know for a fact we can infuse GN particles with your weapons, but I've only ever tested it on Mobile Suits, not full on capital ships."

"Power generation is—" Sonja looked over to Nena. "Miss Trinity. Is there something I can do for you?" Nena lept over the table, kicking Sonja in the face. The engineering crews glanced before returning to work. They were used to this shit.

Jaden however, was not. "Nena, what the FUCK!?"

She ignored him, however, as Sonja had gotten to her feet and pulled two knives from god-knows-where.

"Cheeky bitch. I did jack shit to you." The crews then took cover. Knives usually meant throwing. Sonja and knives were bad.

"Like hell you haven't!"

"Nena, what are you talking about?!" Jaden yelled, trying to pull her away, but a knife flew by his head, actually taking some hair with it.


Both froze at the loud yell from the only man they all feared, holding a blade mere centimeters from his face. "I have no idea what is going on and I don't care. This ends now."

Nena jumped at Sonja, resulting in more fighting. Ron simply pulled out his assault phaser and shot them both. "Fucking christ."

"What the fuck just happened?" Jaden asked, on the verge of panicking. "Nena just came in and attacked Sonja!"

"I know. And while it would be entertaining to watch them beat the piss out of one another, this situation is VERY much not the usual thing. We are fuck years from home and I'd rather have everyone at their posts."


"You got anything better to call it?"

Jaden shrugged. "Anyways, got anything about the planet below?"

Ron shook his head. "No. Other than the fact that this is not Earth, we can't pick up much. Something down there is severly fucking with our sensors. We can't see anything aside from the stuff we see with the mark 1 eyeball."

"Meaning we need an away team." Jaden deduced.

"I'm automatically assigning myself, Luna and Takeshi. It'll give him the excuse to use his… special shotgun."


"Yes. But first, I need to give these two… something."

It carried 6 rounds: 5 in the tube, one in the chamber.

It was lever-action, meaning it was DAMN fast to fire.

It was the Winchester M1887.

It might not have had a grenade launcher attachment like Takeshi's Pulsewave rifle, but it was still good at close-quarters. He'd even had Matt get started on making some explosive rounds for it to make up for the lack of a grenade launcher.

It also made a pretty good club. Luna, on the other hand, had a more powerful weapon: the PPTD-41 AMR. 14.5mm rounds of death at long range. Bitch to reload, but it was nasty. "Standard procedure when we go down there."

"Right," Takeshi replied. "Low profile. If we get trouble, I go in close while you provide cover at range."

"Hmm… I wonder if I could build a smaller mobile suit… " Both glanced back as Jaden entered the room, nose-deep in his PADD. "Couldn't add a GN Drive… but a smaller size means less power output, so GN Condensers could work… or I could use power cells from the Ra Cailum… "

"Jaden?" Takeshi asked.

"A smaller frame makes moving on foot more lengthy… " He continued, utterly oblivious to the two others in the room as he approached the small armory, picking out a G3A3 Rifle. "But it would be ideal for urban combat to avoid maximum destruction… but mobility… hmm, rollerblades, perhaps? Or Hover pads…"

"He's stuck in tech-land." Both glanced back to where Nena and Sonja walked in, both still glaring at one another, but each having some kind of necklace around their necks now. "Whenever he's thinking tech, he just stays there and pays almost zero attention to what's around him…"

"What's with the necklaces?" Takeshi asked the pair. "Did Ron stick something in them that forces you together?"

"More like an attempt to keep us from murdering each other."

"What happened?"

Nena huffed, Sonja shrugged. "She attacked me, I responded. Bitch."

Nena lunged at Sonja, a faint glow emanating from BOTH collars.

"AGONIZERS?!" Take shouted. "You made AGONIZERS?!"

"I figured pain would keep them from murdering one another. Apparently hanging around me made Sonja VERY resistant to pain. And Nena's 75% Innovade: I doubt she can even feel it."

Takeshi glanced at the two girls… as Sonja tried to cut Nena with a knife, while the other tried to strangle her. "…I'm saying that's true…" he muttered. "But… why are they trying to kill each other?"

"Hell if I know," Ron shrugged, "Nena started attacking her, then Sonja started attacking Nena. Whenever I ask why, the two just stop talking!" He looked at the pair. "Doesn't stop the attempts from being VERY entertaining!"

Both Yamatos just looked at Ron before Luna shrugged: it was Ron.

"Ok, where the hell are we going?"

"We saw a city near one of the coastlines. We're beamin' in once you all get yourselves into civilian attire."

"You have no civilian clothing, Ron."

"I do, I just never use it. The uniform works wonders."

Takeshi sighed. "Well, we'll take your word for it. Come on, Luna, let's get into appropriate attire."

"Right behind you, Takeshi," Luna replied as the two left.

Ron looked at the two women, then at Jaden. "OH. NOW I know why."

"Buh?" Jaden glanced up from the PADD.

"You'll figure it out. I'll be back."

Jaden rose his brow, glancing at the two women as they glanced away from him, before he just shrugged.

"You're still wearing the uniform pants. And the boots."

Ron, wearing a simple tanktop with an overshirt and his G36E/AG36 over it, shrugged while holding the two women. "I had to keep these two from killing each other. I don't care WHY you want each other dead. It ends NOW. I need at least two engineers down there, and you three are the best on-the-spot people I know of. That aren't me. Now, enough."

The two women continued to glare at one another, but they didn't attack the other… yet.

"And I thought we were an odd pair." Cassie approached the adhoc away team, smiling at Ron. Jaden looked at her briefly. "Oh, hi, Cassie. Reintegrated back into the networks?"

"You could say that." She kissed Ron on the lips, which caught Jaden's attention. "You're a hologram: what's the point?"

"Who says I'm a hologram anymore, Takeo?"

Jaden blinked… before he put two and two together. "Ah! You made yourself an Innovade body!" he realized. "Well, good for you then! They weren't really designed for that but… hell, as long as it works. "

"This isn't an Innovade's body. Innovade bodies suck. This is MY body. The only thing that's keeping me from being like Ron… well, I need Borg nanotechnology for that."

"Innovades are pretty fucking awesome."

"And overspecialized. I am not. I can do everything they can and MORE."

Jaden suddenly had the feeling she was hinting about the couple's sex life. He didn't want to know.

"Well… either way, we all ready to see what's down there?" Jaden asked. "Kinda excited… totally new world, new universe… I mean sure, this probably means jack-shit to you guys, but still… "

"We're excited. But this is what we do."

"What MOST Starfleet officers do." Ron corrected. "We're not assigned to the frontier. We build starbases. We test technologies. We are never sent to make first contact with anyone. I tend to piss people off. A lot."

"We know. Ribbons was SCREAMING at you the entire time. It was funny, but… yeah."

"That's nothing compared to what he did to Sela," Takeshi replied. "That cost us the first Ra Cailum."

"What did he do?" Jaden asked warily.


June 2409 - USS Ra Cailum NCC-94517, Brea System

The Sovereign-Class battlecruiser flipped, diving into a warzone. "This is your last chance to surrender! The full fury of this dreadnought—"

"Hey, Sela! Empress Bitchtits!"

Sela's rant stopped for a moment. "What did you call me?"

"Empress Bitchtits. Or should that be the Bitch-whore-cunt of the Romulan Star Empire? I think you slept with a few million people to get your ass on that throne!"

Sela let out a scream of rage, then barked out orders in Romulan. At that point, her ship turned and charged straight at the Ra Cailum.

"I think you made her mad, Ron!" Takeshi yelled.

"GOOD! Riza, take us towards the Laehval, full impulse! Scimitar vs Sovereign, round two! HAVE AT THEE, BITCH!"

The two ships fired at one another, Sela screaming at the top of her lungs while Ron just yelled 'SPARTA!' as the two charged at one another.

"You're insane!"

"I thought you knew that already!"

The two ships closed, the Laehval getting larger and larger in the viewscreen as both ships unloaded their weapons on each other. Takeshi hit his intercom button. "All hands, brace for impact!"

The Ra Cailum SLAMMED into the Laehval, tearing out part of the saucer before slamming the starboard warp nacelle into the main body of the ship. "I WIN, BITCH!"

"He RAMMED the ship into another ship, set the auto destruct and… fled like a bitch?"

"Well, would YOU want to be on a self-destructing ship?" Takeshi asked. "Besides, Sela had a bit of a weird Yandere crush on the guy."

"You're shitting me." Jaden deadpanned.

"Nope. Tried to abduct him twice. Succeeded once and almost raped him. That week over Nopada was… FUN. Let's say Ron was VERY interested in staying in a sonic shower before diving into a vat of plasma coolant. Had to spend a few days in a vat to reconstitute his skin, but he said he never felt cleaner."

Takeshi sighed. "So, yeah, what he did to Ribbons pales in comparison to what he did to Sela, but I guess that makes sense, given that he was having to deal with her yandere stalker tendencies."

"He also kinda held his girlfriend—"

"Wife. Don't ask: their relationship is more screwed up then mine and Takeshi's. She's pretty much said no one touches Ron. Ever."

Jaden looked at the happy, giggling Cassie and tried to picture her as a yandere murderer.

Actually, it was pretty fucking easy.

"So… when did it happen?"

"About a week after she was born. Well, her interest. They only got together a week before the Iconian war."

"Really? That's… interesting."

"Well, she did come about from Ron upgrading the first Ra Cailum's computers with Borg Tech," Takeshi admitted. "I have to imagine that part of her interest came from that."

"Your computers are—"

"Ron knows what he's doing."

While the two couples talked, Nena and Sonja continued to glare. "He's mine."

"What the fuck is your PROBLEM?" Sonja snarled. "He's a co-worker, nothing more!"

"Oh don't give me that shit!" Nena growled, "I see the way you look at him! You go out of your way to see him! I've known him for years bitch - don't you butt in!"

"He's one of the few people able to keep up with me in engineering matters. Fuck you!" The agonizers activated again as Nena tried to choke Sonja and vice versa.

"This is entertaining and all, but we have work to do." Ron stated, as he walked onto the transporter pad - followed by Jaden, Takeshi and Luna, and then the still glaring women. "Energize."

The 6 disappeared in showers of light. "I get the feeling that world is going to suffer for all six of them being down there." The transporter officer mused.

"The captain and Jaden I get, same with the ladies. But the XO and his wife?" The other officer asked.

"The XO and his wife are insane in their own way."

Ron the True Fan: Filler chapter. Not much in the way of content, but what the hell.

Takeshi Yamato: This will be the day we've waited for, this will be the day we open up the door…

Redemption's Avenger: And the bloody evolution comes sooner, but with a lot less blood. At least, on our side. (evil face)

117Jorn: While that's all happening… I have some old friends of ours to pick up :D

Ron the True Fan: Wait...WHY do I hear the sound of a J58?

Ja Ne!

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