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The Voice Vol 34 [August 24, 1998 - May 07, 1999]

View Description Page Flip View   View PDF & Text   Download Small Medium Large Extra Large Full-size Full-size archival image Print NEWS THE VoiCE, Monday, August 24, 1998- Page 2 IIIIR bllli'"llllMII'Cifte Poshlon: Edltor-ID-Cblet '"Ultimately, this business has to run on good editorial judgement, honor of the people Involved and Individual accountability." - New Republic editor Charles Lane De p11e my mere 19 yean> of cxisLance. I have been hlc~'etl with n umerou~ opponuniue 10 expcncnce rhmgs gre:uer rhan m.1ny people dare 10 1magme I ha"e fell 1hc rush of lllcrally Oying down a ' now-covered moun­lam, 1he parall11ngly cold a1r rushing pas1 my head. 'eenng my face Jntl blurnng my v1s1on ~o all1ha1 I can ~ce 1 ~ lhe heaullfulnur.Jdc of a lUre I h.1"e h~t..ctlm rhe sunhgh1 on a wty lat..c\ltlc be.Jch of .111 equally ~oty WI\\ canrun. I have kh m:y hcan race w11h 1hc c\uli.:mcnlnf mclrvpulllan \111an. hal) I h.l\c fell lhc 'ung ol \.lll) leaf\ pour I rum my C)e' a' I lt:h hmh Ill) cUI) canl<ln .md m:r eiJbor.JIC MII.Jn hclund 111 rclurn lltJmc I ho.1•• l••h 1ruc e'hJu,uon afler cndlc" \hill' uf llu,mg lahf.:, Jl J U') ICMuranl J h:l\C ,fi; \.\ollh ICM !rum Jeep 111\IUC 111~ PWO 1 r1Jhl~ ..~~ I lunged h w .uJ, a du kl who d1un'r 1h1nt.. 1 h•• wale r w •• , th II d.: .. II I h.r\C r.en dwarlt'U h~ omllJliU~ l,l!.JIIllllg Ill lhe lhll'e .•• , •• , •• .1 l·ar .J•h•rs ll'.rl· \,nk C.,n,·r.umg St.tll• ro anJ l..n<lWIIIt 1h..11 1• mg there w.1s rh .. bc''J h I'd ,.,,rhu.l Bul l:tt '' .111 cl..c I h.J\l lclrth• ~'wcr of '111111 o..l •wn ano..l \\rtlmg U ..1llt 1 II\ c \f'<: 11-. lh,• C\pcn.n" I h ' u u II II m '' .I\ .1 I •lo..ld) •e \~lfl C\f .'rllll"l IOe!l'lfrcr ltc n~w' 11.- 1 r ;ulwtlll' p.aJlCr r ur .1.11 ''" J 1 J lie ' '.I \1<. <1\ p ,·,.:nlcd 10 I h.: 1111"1 ell 1l til \\,a\\ \, ICaJ,•r f I L' ~110\\ whal )UU \\ 1111 Ill,.;.: .llld a' cUJIU" \\~\\Ill d, 1 Ul 1:>..:\tl I n., 111n )OU Pk4~ Welcome Baclt Ia Schaol Special IIJinlfluciJJg T~G~P~~ Free 16 OZ. Fountain Beverage With Purchase Of A Deli Sandwich With Coupon-Expires 9-5-98 Try our up-scale meats, cheese and breads Casa Souma Mexican food served daily Low-Fat, Low Choksterol ~~'WeUness" Items Restaura Inc. Open 7am- 9pm Mon.-Thurs. 7am - 2pm Fridays I I I I I I I I I I I l I I l I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I l I I I I L--------------------------------------------------.J flcuHJ,Iouedoneschedsh memonr ot slain honor Sbldent Letitia Discoe Senior Staff Reporter Le~s rhan 9 momh~ aflcr rhc bugus boumy humc~ murdered Glendale Communll) College Mudcm Spnng Wnghl, 19, and her lx>)fncntl. Chn,rophcr Foote. ~5. tn I herr home. anurhcr GCC Muucnl " Jc.Jtl Thi' ume I he 1ragrc 'rcllm I) Cl;ure La\HCnce. a 19-)ear-old honor s1uden1, ~ho "''II alwa) be known for her love of nalurc. ~kill w llh com pulers and her 1rreprc~~rblc ~c n ~e of op11 m1 ~m. So "'hen accoun r ~ of rhc Claire La" renee murtler-~urc1de were fiN rclc,asctl. Mary Lcs t.. ov~ t..y. Gee·~ honor progrMO coordmaror. was in a rare of shock. Pollee ~ay lhal Lenore Lawrcnle. 52. ~ h oi Claire m rhc head wnh a handgun and lhcn prcx:eedetlro \ hl)(ll hcr~cl f. Arounu 7 p.m. on Augu,r 25. lxllh \\omen \\ere fountlmurtlcn:tl rn I herr low nhou'c h) Clo.~rre·, h.•) t nend. Lee Wh1pplc " II ne\ cr ellct..eo..l w Hh me lh.JI lh" w.1' Cl.urc .. Le,t..ll\\1.\ remem· h..:r' -II wa," I .If rem• '.:J I hal t1 hunc,ll~ urJn'l hll ml' I "'"' 1\' ) ' uJ lh.n Cl.11rc n. 'cr '11< •l..e t•f ha nH>Iher •':l.lC:pllo '·I) lh 11 he h.JJ ll> dr •p ada'' Ill h,•fp her I knc\\ ,h,• h.uJ prnhlcm~ bur n"Hr\\ rhe .:\lent ur <;Ch'nl\ • I ,f..o\\~\ ,,nu "I f..n~\\ II \\a\n'l lh.: \\ a lion', · CLJ1r,··, pu hlcnh w llh her mtllher weren ·, a new thing for her Whrpple. 2 . ~artl1ha1 problem ~ berwcen Cl;ure and her mol her bcgm when Cl aire'~ gr.JndmOihcr dred. "Her m01her (Lenore) \ecmetllu 1.1l..e Lhar all nght," Whipple >artl 'The wom.Jn wa~ 6 )Car~ old" Then. Lenore ·~ boyfncntlrool.. off Jfler lhc Federal l:w.halb were afler hrm for nul rcponmg 10 pmun JI!Cr a COO\ ICIIOn 12 )e.Jn agu." Wh1pple rhoughl lh.JI 1h1~ "bmughl out lh.JI her morher hadn'r qune atlJu,led '~ellro her gr.utu­morher pa:> rng aw a) Meanwhile. Cl;ure was becom­ing more and more mdepentlcnr. "Claire w~ as s1able a\ her mom was unM.Jble," Whrpple rutl "The rwo of 1hem were complere antltOial oppo ilelt of each olher." Despne lhar. i1 was Cfa1re·~ cnu l cs~ concern for her mother thai hroughl her 10 rhe Glendale row nhou<,e rhat farefu l Sunday aflemoon. "CI.1rre and I \\ere gomg lu ''"' a I nenu and ,he 1u ~lop b) her molhcr·, huu'..: fur a couple uf mmure' hccau\C .,he nectlcd hi rail.. 111 her Jlx1ul 'umcrhrng .. Wlupplc r.:mcmbcr, r\n h1•ur .m•l ..1 lull IJI.:r, \\ h1pple ''~ \lrll \\JIImg lk \~.r,n'l worrrcJ -rllgur.'t..l the'"" ha,l a fnl 10 1.1!k a ht :a1 .. \\ tuprlc 'arJ \ nolh.:r hall .1n huur l.dcr \\ hrpple ue-.HJ.:·J w ..... t1 O!liiHlbod) .m,w.:rcJ lh1~ \\,1,n'1 UlllNJal He rhen dc<:ukJ ru t..m"-1.. .md re"CI\Cu rhc ,urpn'e ol lu' hie "I found 1hem both tle.1d,'' Whrpple ,;ud " II &cemetllh.JI Lenore ho~u hoi her (Ciatre) m rhe he.Jd and hoi her\~! If " " I tlon'1 have lhc !>hghrcsl iuea \\h.ll w.1, !>.lid or \\hal h.1ppenctl.11 the hou,c:· Whrpple ~a•d . Three momh' larer. Wh1pple 1 ''II I m a "ale of ltho.. t.. "h \1111 happened )'e~lcrtlay," \ h1pple \aid J fell .I \ ef) rnlensc. beauutullo"e wnh her and I gu~~ 1h.11' lhc wa) l'II.JIIow my~df10 fcclrhc pam " To l..ccp Cl.urc'lt mcmor) aJi,c, \ hrpple has \el up a mem,mal ltt:hol~hrp m her name. The Clarrc Lawrence Memorial Schofarshrp wllllo female compulcr screncc lutlenls ar GCC in 1hc Spnng of99. 'There aren' t many women oul !here like her- ~clf-re lr am. mtlc­pendenl wnh burh feet on rhe ground - o;ntl ~he where she " as glllng m hfc." Whrpple ~aJ tl . "I wam \omelhmg lh.JI rf !here ·~ ~omcbotl) our rhere lrt..c 1ha1. lhen 11 would gl\e 1hcm a lillie hn more ut .10 uppunu ~ nil) "'he hl..e rhal · Th1hC mlcre,h:d m The Cla1re I J\\ren(<: \ l.:nwruf ')l <Jn (unro.~d 1 •m 1 ·lc) .n .ns '6"~ f'n, .11c d11narum' 111 lhc \dn•l r'hrp L.lll 0.: m.:We 1->; '' rl!acltllg I •l.:r .11 lh< (I( c ( J\llll'r.\ 0111.:~ Cl.urc l..Jwren~c·, GCC \\et>,ue t:atl ne \ 10:\\eU ,rt g~et..o !;!< num:•'ra cdul (lll1h )~l f.J,Ht:ll ,./ un I h.: lnl~mct \\ l11ppl<.' ell~<lUr.ll!C~ p.:opJc IU \I II Cl.ura:·~ "'eh~rlt: ~o JlC•>pk• uelillllcl~ \CC h11\\ UfllljUe ,flc \\ J' " New semester greets students with new buildings, classrooms, technology Shante Hoskins Staff Reporter ew f..1.:e' new plac~' \\- llh Jll rhc new eh.111gc' un ~.1mpu,. u·' nn \\ onder why fiN-lime .1nd rcrurnrng \lutlcnt~ allt..e Me l<•,rng I herr w .1)' ru cl.t\\ Bur 1hc ne\\ l.1you1 and lcchonulogy of 1he campu' " mme of Jn e\r llcmcnllhan J hrndcranec Below arc JU~I a few C)(amplc' ut 1hc t:ho.~nge' m.Kle over lhe \ummcr breal. Firsl off (and of SC111111gl1 r:rt>atu 1mponanu · ELl collunt•nf) Tht> ~(nu ne"' room has been m<l \ etl from ~~ obloCurc domam 1he L1brary Burldmg 10 room HTC II-107m Lhc H1gh Tech Cenler 2. Three new bu1ld1ngs have been construCied on campu : an add on 10 the Mus1c Cenrer. a Humanrues bu1lding and a new faculty office complex which also houses lhe GCC B ,f..,lurc mu IKOS <.t•p\ (COler .. In lh~ Srud.:nl Lnrnn. new ullu.:e!> h.J\ c been adtlctlro huu..c an E"enmg Sruucn1 Guvcmmcm buolh anu faclhlle, lor 1he Drrec1nr of Co;mpu~ cc unly. The J.l' a-Mop. Ground~ lor Thoughr. h~ a ncw canaJlC. Srudcnl\ m lhc .u1 tlepanmenl wIll be con~Lrucung a ne"' ~rgn later 111 lbc M":meslcr The Filne Cenler h been mo"ed across lbc Hig h Tech Center 2, b i rthplace of the new Instructional Palette and home of the paper, The Voice. walk 10 lhe PE building.Scou Henry i the new manage.r of !he cen1er. Wheel hair ramps have been bur II rn variou5 places around campus 10 help ludcn!S needmg mobilily ass• lance. The school has a new com puler yslem called Lbc In lrUClJonal Paleue. Updaled pamphle1s are available in bolh rechnology cemers. THe Vo1ce, Monday, August 24, 1998 NEWS Journalists urge coon to strike decision against KenblcllV State Universnv paper Matthew T . Patton U-Wire news exchange There are many disrincli on~ bcrwccn high ~c hool and college, bul i1 ~ems some JUdge~ ha'e decided 1he legal disrincuons arc few in a case rnvofv1ng press cenwrship. The ca!>e. Kmcaitl "· Gib on. Crv. No 95-98 {E.D. Ky. Nov. 14. 1997). began more rhan rhrce years ago when official at Kemuel..y S1.a1e Umverslly remO\ed lhe SIUdem's newspaper advr er afler he refused 10 force sludenLS to focus on " po~irivc" news aboul !he school. Adminislralors Lhen confiscalcd­antl conunue 10 keep locked up--all copies of lhe 1992-94 srudem yearbook. The admrms1ra1ors were dis~alisfietl wilh irs con1en1 and prcscmarion. incl utlrng rhe color of 1hc yearl>ook':. cover. Two KSU srudcms. rnclutlmg 1hc yearboot.. \ ctluor \\ ho wa~ al ~o a reponcr for lhc ~c hool new~paper, \UCu rhc school for rnfnngemenl of Firs1 Amendment ngh~ . Lal.1 Nm ernhcr a federal Juuge lhrew ou11he ~ludr.:nl\ ' claim and found rhar 19 8 U.S. Supreme Coun deCI\1011 lh.JI upheld rhc ce nsor~h•p of a hrgh ~c h ool Sludem newspaper was applicable 1u c.>llege slutlem mcd1a ~ ~Nell Tite vagucne ~~ of rhc case. Ha1elwootl chool Di~1m:1 v. Kuhlmcrcr, ha!> been ~harpl y cnrici1.etl by joum all ~rn euuca1ors and civi l nghrs group~ .111d ha_~ uhr mately led 10 a ~hm-p rncrca\e Ill high school c.:cn~or~hip. A coalluon 1h.11 indudcs e\ery major nauonal organrwuon of college JOUrnalism ctlucalors has filed a fnentl·of-lhe-cuun brief before 1hc U.S. Coun of Appeal ~ for 1he S1x1h Dr~ln c.:l. The brief urge 1hc coun 10 reverse a lower coun's decision supponing cen!>orshrp of the Mudcm pre~s. Marl.. Goodman. execullvc dircclor of lhc rutlcm Press La" Cemcr. ~.11d unr..,ersny pre~sc' could be affec1etl even if I hey arc inucpen­tlem becau'e "rhc) prohably u...e ~dmol pmpcny and rc~uurcc~" and aduetlrhar rf rhe coun ~ uphold Lhe tlcc"ron. "II cuufu be tlcva~r.urng." Aco:ortlrng lo rhe Srutlem Pres\ Law A\~ICralron . the Supreme Coun uecl\ion 111 th~ H.Jtci\\!XIll ca'c rcfu..ctllll o~ppl) w the ruling of college ~1uucn1 exprc\>IUn. "The cen'>orshrp of cumeula and rhe nnpangcmcm ol acadcnm: frco.!Uom rhal Ha1elwood arguJbly could permll would cau...e IITC\Cr 1ble Teacher Pronle: dJrn.Jg.e 10 lhe \enerahlc piJ..:c OCCUpiCU by .JCadernr..: 111\IIIUIIIIn\ a\ lhc mart..crplacc ut rtle.t,," lhc coalruon\ hncl LJUtiull\. Ro) Muore . .1 cnmmunrl.lllllll'> prole~~ur. !cache ~ a meJ1.1 IJ\\ .1nu ethic:> COUC\1: Jl K If Ulll\l'f\llle\ arc Jllowcd runic H.Jtcf\\ UilU J' .1 prccedenl. lhen 11 \\uulu be ··.~ \Jtl day. 10 ~.I) rhc le.J\1 ... s.Jru M<.,urc 'There • ~. ho\\c..,er. a fur Ill be g.1rned hy 1hc \t:huol b) l.ceprng medi.J unJcr wmwl h) J\Uidrng cumrmcny anu a\ ortlrng I he i!>!>Ues." Av01tlrng culllru\ c"y and 1\sue' would re,ull m "wgo.~r -coareu \Iones.'' 'a•u He.11her '1.1ntieltl. a JOurnalism JUmur ··t dun 'I lhmt.. • .-' f.Jrr bccau'e HMelwuod doc\ nm dr reclly co,cr cui lege'" Journalism <.emur Je\\ICJ Slcwan agree~. ··college " nn1 requrretl educauun.," ~he sJ1J "We ~hoo~c In be here."' we 'hnultl he able Ill chou e "hJI Ill "rue " We h.J\e been prc,emcd w11h unrfietl 'uppon from JIIUm.JII\m CUU<:aiUf\ and profC\\I!lll.JI JIIUm.JI- 1 ~1 Almu\1 e\er) n.Jirnn.Jiurg.Jnii.J­tum hiCI \lgned on The cuun needs lo real11e lh.JI rh" 1' J \ Cr) hr1: tlc.1l o~ntl need' 10 be "cry c.Jrefuf 111 11 uecr\ion ... Communicating with Dr. Jim Reed Jennifer Hill Senior Staff Reportsr While running into communi­cations gum Dr. Jim Reed in !he hallways of Glendale Community College, note his casual cJOlhing, the some1imes scruffy mustache, his diamond earring, and laid back attitude. He might not seem like mU<:b on the outside. bu1 a closer look reveals a sensitive 90's kinda' guy who possesses a fabulous sense of humor and a passion for teaching. Reed has weathered many personal storms. Wilh a poor mmister for a falher, many of Reed's cblldhood desrres were neglected. nus lifeslyle led him 10 beheve that money ~ould make him happy. Reed remembers,"' wanted 10 have a Porsh. a big house-preferably on a hill, and lots of jewelry." After eamine a~ in Communicauon from Soutbem llliDoia Univenaty, Reed lauJbl• several ddferelll coUqa. How­ncr. be left tacJaioa in ICII'dl ol a larger paycheck whicb be obtained by wodcina with LA Gear Advertis­ing. Reed soon came to realize lhal, ''Mooey only makes you more of wbal you already are." be says. '"J found if you' re a jerk, you'U have the chance 10 show everybody you' re a jerk." After several large paychecks, divorce, and a wretched existence, he lUJDed once more !0 his firsL lovc-teaching. ''I decided,'' Reed says. "that if I ever wenl back in!O teaching 1 would have the ume of my life." He look: a job al GCC and couldn't stay away. '1 think I'm called 10 be a reacher,'' he admrts, "I feel very fulfilled, I can'1 believe how fortunate 1 am 10 be teaching and how fortunate I am lO be here ... Reed feels one of the m05l important things a teacher can pass on 10 their studenl • is a posauve attitude. ~rr we [the teachers) can make sure that you [the Roden!S) are !be besl technician or compu&er pmoa but you do DOl bave a wiDaiJia poUUYC .aicudc lboullife, ~MD we've failed. • lac decllled 1'be difficulty is we don't have any courses in that, so studems have to piclt il up from jus! bei{lg around us. Soil's importanl that I check my au.itude before 1 check anything else." In light of his communication ability it is not surprising 10 Jearn lh:u Reed was elected Facully Association Presidemlast spnng. "'t's representing the faculty · in e"ery avenue of campus life, .. he e"plams. "h's berng m touch wilh !he deans and president, continually berng in their oifice tallcing with them. 13lklng 10 the iaculty and !along lhetr concerns.'' Reed also srts on many commiuees, something he hates to do-siumg tha11 . But he feels up 10 the ch31Jenge as long as he can aodulge a fa,·onte pasume anvolving lhe consurnpuon of a:. he puts II. hlou of good food." Reed will coounue to LeaCh m~ oC his commWlJCIII..ioo courses m spite oC his oew wockJoad and plaos 10 marry his Jooa time fiaDdc MI. M.jane Malon, ICli!MQme DClU IUIDIDCI'. Page3 We carry more USED BOOKS than that "other" store. New and USED books at the LOWEST price, GUARANTEED!!! Longest REFUND Period Available. Plenty of SAFE FREE PARKING at Our Store. Always FREE Blue Books and Scan Trons NO LINES! NO HASSLES! -_.- MOST CONVENIENT LOCATION 9189 N. 59 Ave. • 435-8800 www.colle G.C.C. cam us Sunn sope Co '&ge Bookl Center _ Page4 NEWS THE VoicE, Monday, August24, 1 Busniess technology classes teach skills needed to compete in iob market Jennifer Kruska Staff Reporter Are you one of tho\e people who would hJ..e to enter the bu mess workforce but fceb that your office k11l might not be up to par? If so, the Business Technology for the Office (BTO) Program at Glenda le Community College may be for you. The BTO Program is a four­cenificate program with cenificates awarded m the fields of Data Entry, Recep1ionist. General Office Secretary. and Office Coordinator. The program consasts of a combina­tion of self-paced and traditional classes and offers valuable training for tho e wi hing entry-level clerical positions. While students enrolled in the BTO program cam regular college The International Students Center, located on the south side of campus, p r ovides forQign students with educational as well as cultural experi ences. credth from one-half to three credt~. the dru.~e range from four to 15 "ed..s. "hu;h make them adeal for tudent with busy sched­ule~ . A l ~o. becau~e new classe~ stan every month and both day and evemng classes are avai lable. this program is ideal for parents who have to work around children's school schedules. According to Scouyc Lewis, the BTO Program Coordinator, the program originally was known as the Office Automated Sy terns Program, but was remodeled three to five years ago to bring the program more in touch with the times. The revamped program became the current BTO Program. Arc there any prerequisites for this program? "No:· Lewis said, " the program is set up to build upon each other." Thil> means that the Free Legal Services By appomtment m the Studant Life Office Call 435-3525 Services provided by Bellah & Harrian Law Offices Discount legal services are avatlable. This service is brought to you by the Evening Students' Government DUI SURVIVAL TIPS I. Immediately request a lawyer .. Ask o fficer to note time of your request. 2 U2..n2t answer any questions (other than name and address). 3. lliu!2! consent to perform roadside agility tests. 4 . D2...o.2l consent to "eye twitch" test. 5. I!2...rutl consent to any breath or blood tests without fi rst consulting a lawyer. 6. Be oolite - Produce requested documents. The Law Office of Edward A Loss Ill, P.C. 5400 W. Northern Avenue, Ste. 206 Glendale, Arizona 85301 M~~r Nartorwl Co/l~g~ of DUI D~fms~ 602-931-6362 • 602-637-3383 (24 hour pager) The above ts not to be construed as legal advice to any pecific indiv Data Entry cena ficate •~ the prereq­utsue for the Reccption1M cenaficate and ~o on. The program is haghl} ~uccc~~­fu l, and "'hale there i~ no fom1al job placement after traaning, students can always get help from the Career Center on campus. Also. many times. members of the business community will contact the program when looking for people with cenain office s ki lis. What type of <.:om panics hire these students? "Small bu inc se to major corporation hire these students,'' Lewis said, ··and the e companies range from Hale Pet Door Company to Blue Cross and Blue Shield." If you would like additional information on th is program, you can contact Scottye Lcw1s at 435- 3003. lmemauonal Students Program adds new members to alreadV thriving tamilv Christina Benham Staff Reporter Acwmmodaung th..: ba~tl· necth of apprm1mately 125 forcagn stud..:nts do.:~ not >cern to b..: enough for the Dar..:ctor of the International Student\ Program Kenneth Bu~ . "My JOb IS to provade more and hcucr 'en ace\ to them:· Bus l>aid The number ol lntemJIIonal Mudents '' ho aucnd Glendale Communaty College co nti nue~ to an..:re~e each year. Withan the pa;,t l"-ll \Cmcstcrl>. the lntemataonal \ludcnt Enrollment ha~ incr..:a_;,ed by about -o !>ludcnt~ . The Student> Program provadcs adequate scn1cc~ to students I rom Japan. Korea. Burma. Bolivaa. Latvaa. Poland. Gem1any. BraLil. Uganda. Taiwan. Argent ina. Mexico and 38 other countries. Programs such as the LewerMark Plus International Student' medical Benefi ts Plan. the International Students AssociatiOn and the Centerpiece new leiter are all special services for International student . Wednesday morning. 34 students from around the world amvcd at Glendale Community College. for the International Student Oncntation w11h a limited idea of what to expect. With the help of Bus. Office Coordanator Irene Stroud and international tudent Khan Khan Myint. they "'ere wei omed and presented with a uhstanllal amount of 1nformauon Each student was ga"l-cn a folder filled WJth mformauon about beang a rcsadent of the Unated Statel.. Bus advi;,ed them about m..:c..IKal c.trc and he.tlth l n~ur.tnce He UI\C.:U"ed the amponam:e of ha\ ang an F-1 ~t udcnt v"a. (The F-1 student \ 1 a as lor antemataonal full-ume studcntl> \\ho plan to study in the Unated tate~) Included in each Mudcnt's folder was a student handbook. a map uf the campus and a lasting of d ub\ and activatie~ . "The purp<l!>c of the International Students Al>sOC.:tallon •~ to have fun and to meet people of dalterent cultures:· Myint said. Myi nt as from Burma and has been aucndang GCC for two sc mestc~. Sh..: encouraged all of the students to get anvolved with many of the clubs and ac t ivapc~ that GCC offers. Bus not only helps forctgn students with educational questions but he also helps them out person­ally. He helps students find employ­ment and assists them in getting a social security card. He provides them with information on how to get a phone and how to get a driver licenses if needed. If they have family problems Bus is more than willing to listen to them and help the as much as he is allowed. Before most of the International students arrived at GCC Bus was in contact with them to be sure they had made housing arrangements . Some of the internat ional students at GCC stay with a host family. Other tudents stay with friends or family and many students get an apanment close to the college. Gunter Goecke! mann. an international tudent from Germany. as staymg with a host family. He has only been in phoen1x for two day and alread} h~ made a nc\\ fncnd He bought ;,evcral of h" tcxtbool..;,' and bao,ec.J on has n..:"' I.. no" l­edge has dec1dcd that the book\ here Otre \CI) expensavc. Bu~ told the students about !he safet} on and off campu~ and ad' ilocd them to alway keep their booJ..s ru. dose to them as pos;iblc. He also talked to the to the students about Transponauon and tool.. them on a tour ol the college campus. 'The Hagh Tech center as \CI)' magnificent. very ampre!>sivc." saad Tamara Bokan an International Student from Germany. Bus introduced the High Tech center to the International Mudents and the} were amucd. International Students have such a great appreciation for technology. After the orientation several students commented about the orientation and on the people here at GCC "1 have really found it beneficial that there is an orientation for students,'' said Lucia Lorenzo. who is an international student from Argentina. "The people at GCC arc more friendly than at Scottsdale Community College,'' said Lorenzo. International students come to America for what their country cons iders a prestigious education. Some students come to America for education due to political issues in their own country. American Educauon is something American people tend to take for granted The lntemauonal tudents at GCC value thetr educataon and hopefully they wall ach1eve the educatiOn they de ire. A FOLLETT COLLEGE STORE ph: 435-3551 • USeD BOOKs SAVE vou 25o/o Come in and register to win great prizes including mountain bikes, a 25" color TY, a cordless telephone, and more!. Drawing will be held September 4th. Page 6 EDITORIAL THE VoiCE, Monday, August24, 1998 THE VOICE Monday, August 24, 1998 Volume 34, Number 1 Copyright© 1998, GCC The Voice Glendale Community College 6000 West Olive Avenue Glendale, Arizona 85302 (602) 435-3820 E-MAIL: voice@student WEB SITE: The Voice is published every other week; 5.000 cop ies ore distributed on campus; the first five copies ore free. and each additional copy is $1 . Display advertising is $7.80 per c olumn inch. Contact the advertising deportment in HT2. I 07 or 112. 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ObiectiVitV, disinfonnation, honest ioumalism, all eXist in todaV's press;~ R e xford Hazelton Opinions Editor Every rc~pcc tablc journall\1 i ~ cApcctcd lu he ohJCCii ve m the di ~ pcr~ ion of information through a ~tory. But i~ 1h1 ~ obJCCii vity a good thing a... it now ~land~ in today · ~ pres~. and what docs objectivity really mean'! Jay Rosen. a professor of joumalbm al New York University and director of the Public Journal ism Project. in an interview with St..cpcic Maga.r:inc. remarked "Some idea... ahoutub;cctivity arc quite valuable. hut ohjec ti vity al~o causes juumal­i~ •~ 10 say thing~ like. 'we just present the fac ts; our joh b ;u~l to tell it like it i ~; we have no Make in anyth ing. We' re just mirroring the world and the people.· The problem wi th thu~c statcmelll~ b that they don't describe what jou mah ~ ts .JC.:Iually do. Judgment i' unavoid· <~hl y threaded through C\cry ~ mg lc thing Jounwli ~ h do. Hm' can ~ome t h mg make lh..: front page \\ llhoul JUdgmcm, r· Joum.Jh\ 111 h) " ' \ Cf) nawre t~ not ob;ccll\ e An cdllor mu, t dcc1dc \\ h.JI 1\ IIC\\ '· and " h.! I i\ flllll· lle\\\ \\'n tc r' muq detcnmnc \\ hat " pc rlmenl In .1 gl\cn \lllf) . or "'Ill!'' quote 'houiJ he ,,, ldcl. or "ho·, quote should lx· l .t ~en a' opmion A \Hiler mu' l not -...:k ct mlurm.t· lion lh;ll • ~ non- IJcl.or a \\flier" ill lo'c lu ~ Dr her ohJCC.:II\ II) h) '.nuc ol pnnung fal,c. or quc, tum:•blc. informauon. " hkh \\ou ld 111 e'>'L'nce C.Jff) .1 ' UbJC.:II\C , lam But \VhJI "a l<~l·t ' II \\ uuld 'ccm " \l lllple .mJ I..'Ul , Jil,\\ er \ hllUIJ pre,clll 11\dl. hut lhl\ I\ lllll '< (.jrah.un Kn1,!lll .• 1 protc"or 111 s,x·•ol1•g~ .tl \k \1.1\ll"l l'mH·r"l ~ 111 H.umhlln. Onlarlll. C.m<~J.J h.tJ I hi\ Ill \J~ 111 an IOief\ le\\ \\ llh St..cplt.: i\ l<~j!. <~/llle .... , he ' " ue lor me. hm' c' er. " ho" }OU hre.~J.. the mold ol " h.Jl l l .tll I hi..' dl\ 1\lllll ol ncv.' I.Jixlr. l th<~l ''I the tcnd..:nc} lu lrC<~ I authon l} ftg ure' ! po hll .:~ <~n~ . po lice oniccr-.. "pen~ . Cll .) a' the pn mal) ~o u r.:c of f.tcl u<~l Jnd rauonal information. and the rest of u --ordinary people, rcprc~cmati vc~ of movements and social acl1ons groups- as primarily a ~o urcc uf information about emo­tional experiences ." Knight went on 10 say, " ... ord i· nary people arc news worthy because Lhcy arc victims. Lhcy tell us their fee lings. they complain. etc.­but in a way that makes them seem passive and discmpowcrcd." In lhis way. facts arc defined as the words of politidans and police. who, as the general public are well aware of. can and do skin Lhc truth for different reasons. al different limes. Also, in this way. citi.r.cns arc of no real usc to the objective rcp<>r1cr. By this rational. ci U arc emotional. and not reliable informants. whcrca~ public authority figures arc walking alman<tcl. of tried and tested fact. Thi~ i ~ an unfortunate defin ition of fact. bcca u ~ c 11 d 1~ 10ns real11y. How can a journalist who u~c ' 1h1~ fom1ula be ohjccll\ c'! The all\ \\Cr 1 ~ . he or she Cdn "t. h i ~ not ptl'>'>lhlc. and yet the n c\\ ~ i ~ Cllll\ldc rcd Ill llC \ UbJCCll\e, <~nd thl\ \ UhJC.:ll\ II} " considered w he" nuhlc lr.lll Ah,ululc ubjel:li\ II ) . or c.:lo\e· lo· Jh~o l ul c ob;el ll\ II). doc\ not e \1\l. .md \ hould not be adnured ur c nd u r~cd in ll>d.J) ·~ pre ~- 13) cndurs1ng ah-.olute uh;cc ti ' II) (or J ll) thmg nc<~r II), the JOunullsti.: med1a pmmote~ di ~ i nforma u o n . Hu'' man) times ha~ a ' local <~ul honl) · d1spcn cd fact that h<.~s hun ol lllJUrcd mnoc.:clll\ b) 'inue of hemg 1.11\e' Ak\.mdrJ Kill). 10 t..cpll<.. :'\I.JgMme. II<>ICJ that unnamcJ l<i\\ CllhlrL:emenl \OUr(e\ \\ ho \\Cr.: con\IJereJ Jl\p..:nsers 11f I<~LI lcat..ed 1111<'1111,1111111 ltul R1charJ Jewell " "' "''p.:>..ted of pi.Jnlmg J humh durmg the 'Jtl 01) mp~.: G.1mc, 111 A ll<~nla 1 h" ml,1rma11on "'~ rciJ~ cd \IJ the Atl<~nl<~ J uum<~l anJ Cnn,ututwn nc'"P.JJ1Cr Thu' the Ol)lnp~.: PJrJ.. Bombmg crrcu~ began. and Mr. Jcv.ell's hfe w~ unavotdabl) damaged. Wnt e r~ and reporters tend 10 u ~e objccllvlly a~ a Moncwall against analy.rmg 1hc1r own mfom1a1ion. and staymg unaccountable 10 the puhlic. This phenomenon opens the way for blatant l)'ing 10 go un ­checked. T1m Jones, ol the Chicago Tribune. in h1s an.clc entitled "Media grapples with aftermath of writer's hoax: Rc v i~ i ting practices of fac t-checking." writes about Stephen Gla~ . (a writer who's credit include George mag:uinc, Rolling Stone mag:uinc and The New Republ ic magaLinc) who has wrinen at least 27 bogus art1clcs for The New Republic alone. John F. Kennedy Jr .. president and cditor-m-chicf of George in hb magannc\ July edillon for the "fa l sehood ~" and "any di s trcs~" caused 10 Vernon Jordan. pre~ iden · tial conlidant. for a facl·and-liction arllclc wrillcn hy Gla\s. Pcrhap~ a blmJ 1ru~1 111 obJeCt I\ . 11y was lu blame for Gla\\ · long career of dl\mform.u•un. If go<ld JOUrn.Jh\m wa~ dclined to he hone'' and heartl ch mlummuon transfer. rather than loolpr<Kll ohJCc.:II\C go~ pel. Gla'\ · long l'ilreer mJ~ ha' c hecn , honer. .md le" de' J\l.ll- 1ng Good Journah'm " the hone, I pur,ull ul truth. J\ the \\ nl.:r led~ 11 to be. There.: " no " Jy around thi, J \10111. The JOurnahsllc communu; llJ' loolcJ 11\cll long enough . .Jnd 111 the pro<.:c\\ l.luscd the public to lo,e fauh in 11 .,;w, papcr, .ue con\ ld-crcd 10 he b•a,cd. Jnd Jboul a' I .Jl" IU<~I '"the p.lrt i\Jil pu hllc.:~ an' and ICic\ <~ n gcll\ 1 \\ ho grace •\ men~ <~n f,lll1il) rO<.tlll\ .Jl fO\' the ~OU ill l) d.Jil) fill\ " " \Jd per.:cp11nn thJI sh< uiJ he ch.1ngeJ OhjCCII\ II) " •• 111\:1..' IUCJIIO re<~.: h htr. hut 111 '<l do mg. J<•umali,l 'houiJ lx· hone'l "llh thcm.,.:hc\ .md the puhhL ..1nd rc,tli.rc th<~l e' el) I.J<.:l dl\pcll\ed 1\ up lor COII\ Iant Jnd ngurou' J.:b<~tc h) .til t\mc nL".Jn~ In lh ls ".J) the JOUrnal bilL meJ1<1 beco me~ a llutd and mtcr.Jl'll\e :.ourcc of ml o nn<~llo n . r<~l her than:.. ng1d source of su ~p 1 c 1o u., mforma­IIOn. GCC raises Wition a buck tor 1998-99 semester Rexford Hazelton Opinions Editor Glendale Cornmu.n11y College 1u1uon h:l.'> hccn rru!>Cdooccagrun h) the mfl.Jllon­ary thai bc. OO!crw1~ IJlo.,.. n a-. the Mancopa County Commumry College D!!.tnctGo,crnmg Board.$1 a credit hour. Twtion for the 1997-9 )car was 37 pcrcrcdithounf)'ou h\cd tn counry. lliM 11' S38. hused to be$62.00 acrcdn hl>Ur for out-d<Ollllty studcnb "'ho .,...ere Llk-mg lc!..\ than 7 credit hour.;. now it's $63. The ••amcgocs for out-of-state IUIUon;$62 a credit hour raised to S63. So. for all you ~tudent:. out there this ~mcster. )'OU should be gelling an C.'(tra dollar of pure education 10 fwther )'OUT h,~ · goals. Of course. you woukl be hard pressed~ students 10 see exactly when: thai extra buckacrcdithourgocs.orifitevcnreaches )'OUT classrooms. In good fruth. however. v.c hould all rest ~surcxl thai the money is being used responsibly and practically. nghr) Good fruth and all... Most students received a nouce in the rnrul from GCC. stating that their IUIUon "''II berruscd. Thc nouce did not mention any reasons "'hY the tuition "'~ being nused. GCC must beiiC' e thai all stuJcnts ha\c good faith. and as ha.,..mggood fruth. thai there IS no need 10 grace the student populace With e~planatJons a-. 10 wh} tuition mflatJon !!. soch a common phe­nomenon. GCC will continue to contribute to students' lives, Pollack savs Late 1~1 M.1y. Glcnd.Jic Commumty College wa... shod.ed by the ~tagic tlcath of l>OphonlOre Clrun: Lawn:ncc. II seemed par11 ularl) pamful cl~ to a )car in which the GCC community fch the unllmcly I= of ~vcra.l students and employees. Tragedy sunuu.ndcd the circum­stances of Claire's death. First she died Jl the hand of a mother "'hom Clrun: her..elf was 11ying desperately 10 save. Second. w1th all of the promise that CIJJn: ~wed in academics and lcadcn.h1p. ~he thed before illuminating the world w1th the caroer achicvcmcnb th.Jt so many of our gmdua~ attnbutc to theiredi.JC.'UIOO Jl GCC. Dc.<.puc .!II of the complc>.i u~ of her hornc--mcludmg a molhcr "'th drug dnd mcnt.JI-heallh pmblcrm dnd a f.1ther ' he never kncw-Cia1n: thd ha'e \ UillC \cry c.:;tnng ;ldults amund her: a grdndnll>lhcr who hornc-schookd her • u1d d<.'llJcatcd teacher\ Jl GCC "ho L:OIIUIIUl'lllll bui ld Oil \\ hal her gr..Uld· mother had ht:gun bo.:l)olle lu ' one or mon: ol Lite·, " o•.md, a.' Cl..urc h..U. though lilC~ lll.J) C\l'llll dilk rclllll'lll\\ Stm1e \luJo.:nt' nl.l) I eel th.!t they .~rc "' 1thtllll the ~uppon .Jt home th.u Cl..un: h.Jd m her grdndmothcr ..u1d 111 her fnclllb. Lee Whipple. Bcmg on one· s ov.11 "1th the multiple dullcngl!l> of "hlJOI. v.m . ught budget!>. Jnd home I'I..">JXJfl\ lhthu~. a... :.o many of our Mudcnb arc. can feel ~-pccially lonely. But. 1tagcdy often lt.a:~ prutound 1~. C lam:· ~ linall~ to tudcnl!> " -a<; in her wisdom to ~wround her..clf With supportive classmat~. noumh her intellect, follow herCW'l(hlty ahout a ra.n&'C of dl!>eiplillC!o frum t:ornputcr.. to music. and lind urn: forfw1 and laughter. Ukc Clain:. Mudcnl!> can fuel the1r •rxk'J)Cildcncc and the1r ~pin I!. e\cn m c in:urns~ thai n11gh1 otJ-.'~"' •~ loCCm to ~ uflc the gru"'th. v.ell-b.:mg and ~ucc~ they !.CCI.. When ~ \lr.JII!gK.'\ arc nol d1n:c1 or d Tcctl\e enough. a ~tlilk'fll th .-. ., Ill! I ncctJ to Mrugglc .!lone 11lc college oflcf\ a range of \ludcnl·\uppon \Cf\'IC.:~Imm p..:Nl!l.J! CllUn\Cimg Ill emergency lin•mcmJ ..ud to n:lcrml' 111 the c.:ornrnunlly lllc.: college could Ill >I h.J, e prc,cnted Cl<~nt: ·' murder ,uld the L'lJU.III) trJglc \UILidc ol her llll.llhcr lnd<.>t.'ll. mu.:h ol '' h.u ''a.' lm!!hl Ill CI.J•rc ' hie lk>Ur· 1\h..'ll illlhe en\ lf\llllllCill th.Jtl,k..Uh) Jnd ,wtf ..:n:.ilc hen: lor .111 \ludcnt' Our campus wa' an •mponam .111 1 mpuna.nt pan ol Cl..un: ·' hie. Othc.:r ~..-JdwiL'\ ol GCC-Illl\\ ph)~lc.:IJilS, xc.:omph,h..'\1 anil.ts. scholar\ . ..ull.l 1llhcr pmh:"'"lO­aJ.~.- alw fljX>n that. Ill addiiKH1 Ill IJlC allilfdahlc IUillllll ..uld h1gh qwhty educatK>n they lllUnd here. fx uhy dnd ~taiT g.J\e alnn-1 ~uk:,~ly ol the1r lln1C IO help \ludents XhiC\ C.: ixllh ,ll:aOCI11H..' mll.l p..:r1>m.JI ~'IU"' th Cl.11n: lea'._.., p..:Nllldl n:nundcn. ahout student' th.11 " 111 conunuc to dm e me 111 the fulli lhr-.'lll ol Ill) mk ~ ~ld..'lll ol Glcnd.Jic Communny College. N. the)' d1d m Cl<~l n:· , lite. farm I) and 'o.:ml pnlhlcm., <.~llnpl ...:,ue the II\ ~ ul 111.111) ' ludl.'llt' 111 e\el) conllnullll) m An~enca \\'hen ' ludcnt' arc fonu.nmc <."Jl(lllgh to li1ld ll1C1r.,.. .J) ln1mlilC1r hom. '. \ .uld llCighhorll<li-J, lo I>Ur college. the~ lit ntll tx:cl , J\ \ .J) p.m.' of thent\Chl'\ ..11 the from entr.uK:e e\cfl a.\ Cla1re 111.1) h.1w ·•Pf".'•lrL'll lo do The ~:ollegc \\ Ill .:ofii iiiUL lo ro.:.~<. h out II> ~I>Ung pl~tplc .JII .J<.;r\1\\ I IUr Cl >llllllUllll~ \\ll<>. h~e Cl..ure. IK't."llllk.' hdpol lllC GCC em m>nnlCnl l<• l<"lcr lht: lull e\prL'"'""''I l11C1r p..rwnh, ~Ill ..u1J \1\llln • ----:-:::>. A I , ~/Y"I~~-~ Te!.~a Martmet Po llack. Pre~ident PEOPlE WATCHING GUIDE: OPINION THE VoicE. Monday, August 24, 1998- Page 7 ~ a m L· : Rrxford E. lhtzdlon P tl.., it io n : · Opin ion~ Editor Hellll there . I' II he )'our ne" up1111on' cdnor I v. Ill \\Ort.. d.J) .u1d 111gh1 to ,reate the lnendhe,l. rn"'' \\CII me,uung .md polll lldll) Lllrrccl op11111111 p.lge, on I he p l ~lllCl I \\Ill lx· \our oplll lllll·,l,t\c d.t\ ,md 111gh1. 1111 lhl· hllll'r'\\eel end or '"me· t l un~ h ~ e thJL "ill\\ lhJI ,tlllhl' lt>fiii.Jiille' .1ro: oUl< I the" J) all< I\\ Ill) wit h> llllrodul·e Ill~ 'ell J Ill l \\ enl \ ) l'Jf\ uiJ . .111d ""' J '>lall rq'<>rter l.t,l \emc\lcr lor the \oll..'c I lo\c Wrlllllj!. e\Crylhtng I rom \ LICIKe flcuon '" news .tn tclc, I phm un hcadmg 10 An .rona State Uni\Cr\11)' next )Cdr. where I"'"' .Jllcnd rhc 1\111 .Jnd Tc lcu>mmum ~:dll on~ I Clljll) hl\lllr) .Jnd hJ le llldlh. \II I guc" )OU ~:nu ld '.J) I'm nornl.JI M ) I.J\ onlc ~olor" hluc I en;u) lung ..... 1 1~ , Ill pidUre,quc \UrfllUIId­lllg\, <~nd I l1"c lur) .Jn lm.JI\ I "'", pl.!)' the b.J" and gun<~r. <~nJ enJII) h<~rd IIIU \11:. ~ou t..n•m. the \ ",,H.tnl,, .1nJ the H><.:ah''' h.J\L" no l.Jicnt hc<.".IU'l' lh:~ ' .!lithe 111nc I CIIJil)' llllc looJ,. ,mJ n,·,ln 111!111' "' 111gh1 I lmd l<•n~ dlll\er,,,_ '"''" .ll'<>ul lh>lhm~ r\'.111) hormg . .tnd I "'I") lOikl' \\li.:n llc.:llhl h,·.l\~ ,l.t\\' ••I ,k,·p lr\1111! 11• pull llll" undn I .tl\\> elljl ~ le.tUIII!,! 1.1111,1\\ tlld \clelll"e lldH>II .111J lnp ''u I h hh ~pori\ lllu,lrall.'J ,\ n) \\,1 \ I do ,m,crcl) hope \OU CllJU)' the "Ill he prc,cnlcd 111 thc,c page' o"er the nc \l \CillC\lcr. hecau'e God I. no"'\ " ' hell on me De art ot classitving students bV stereotvuing U-Wire For the beg inne r People­Watc he r. distinguishing between per ons of one type and another is just a game. For the profe ssional Peo ple­Watcher, it is an obsession 10 catcgo ri1.e and d ocument the peculiar peo ple fo und in the wo rld today . Unfo rtunately . the beginne r who Wishes 10 t a ke t he ne xt step up. fi nds a lack of rnatc­nal to 1n ~ tru c 1 th e m. Fo r this purpose. the Watkins· People Wa tc h ing Company has c reated this abbre via ted guide to wa1ch1ng peop le . Herein . three types of college s tudents will be d1sc ussed : the " Busy Bus i-ne s Beaver," the " Pree n ing Pa rrot," and the "Computer Chimp." They are a challeng­ing group to study. The first type of college student is called the "Busy Business Beaver." As may be deduced from the name, his "major" •s Bus1 ness a nd ri g htfully so. H is a utre is normally a striped s hirt with a matching t1e and dress s lacks . Sometimes, he is seen wear­ing d oc kers, but that wo uld be c o ns tdered an ano maly. He is often t ho ug ht o f as nocturnal. because o f the many late ho urs wh 1ch he s pend s tn the comforts o f the l1 bra ry. but the o bser ve r wll l no te t hat h 1s c l a~se !. ta rt at 6 :00AM. maki ng h1m lc .,s than nocturnal a nd less lhan human. The experts d educe that he is a c reature o f 11me. subs• l ­ing mainly on deadlines and work. thus replac ing his need for sleep. He has a very rigid schedule and o beys it at all costs . One of them was recorded saymg, "Time is of the essence!" Ever since, this has become the motto of the " Busy Business Beaver." On the other side of the spectrum lies the. " Preen1ng Pa rrot." She is one that does n't even reali1.c time exis ts. She received her name f rom the look in her eyes (normally fo und in birds) and the way 1n wh 1ch she con stantl y g rooms he r­se lf. When a s ked what he r maJor 1s. s he qu beg• n ' 10 c h aucr off a li s t of maJo rs that s he wou ld lt kc to go tnto and then peeps. ' "hut I 'm an open maJ o r ... T he o bserver may no te he r wlld p lumage whic h IS meant 10 auract t he male vari e ty . She <,c ldurn o pen up a book o r even enters the library, rather. as her name implies. she parrots those thtngs wh1ch she hears. She is con idered to be nocturnal, but he mu t a n se early to begin her ritual preening. It is a laborious proc ess that she takes great pleasure in. Mirro rs are of great interest to her, a s she must stare in one for 5 hours every day. The " Computer Chimp," or the Computer Engineer. is o nly worried abo ut mtrrors 1f tt w ill help him bcuc r com­mune w ith h is compute r. He is e s pec ially ada pted fo r h1s f ield o f study. W tth th1ck framed glasses and radiation retardant face. long ho urs o l work 111 f ro nt o f a computer do c s not bot her h tm. Nm bc •ng socwl has al so comple· ment cd h t!> v. o rk w11h com­p u te rs. He docs not requ1rc muc h g ro om1ng . becau'c he ra re ly goes out d o or\ . There IS spec ul a tion as to whether he was bo rn with the 1h1ck rimmed g las sc o r 1f t hey a re JU t some appendage tha t grows after the age of e 1gh1. In any case, the glasse are the "Computer Chimp' s" most outstanding feature . He will adorn them w ith maskmg tape , in order to hold the broken p ieces together. With his stamina and night goggle vision, it is no wo nder that he is nocturnal. Perhaps en-tranced by the gl ow o f the c o mpute r s c.:rcc n, he will s tay up a ll n1 g h1 s lanng rn10 11. As •f s tu ng by the mo r111ng. the sun ·., a ppearance will ~end hun ~ t ratgh t 10 bed . As was mcnlt oncd 111 the tntroducu un . th 1s ts an abbrc · ' 1a1cd gu 1dc for the bcg1nner T he tnl o rmauon 1s pro ' 1deJ lor the begmner lu s tep ult 1nto ..1 ~ tdc.: r ~ oriJ of people \.\-a tc h•ng T he.: re<~l l un be g1n' \"llh pe r,onal '> tudy and rc ea rc.:h Alter the f1cld wor J.. . the bc g1 n nc r rna) hcgm 10 and classd·) thc1r own suhjccts and fee l sa11 s f1ed from the re s ult s. The f1 c ld o f People Wa tchmg 1 fo r everyone . It can be a hobby o r a career. but 11 ts 111 any ca e an enJoyable way to pass the t1me. For a more verbose and detailed summary o f People Watchtng, please refer to Watkms' Abridged Guide to People Watc h in, . LIFE5TYLE5 '\amt•: Huhll\ \ l l'''l'r J>u,i tion : \la.naging •·.ditur Th" -..ummer. I tool.. a com­munllatton, t..J,..,, h~r~ at GCC. Onl' PI ••ur a''H.!nm~nt' " a' to \HIIC ,1 (1JJX'I. ba-..ed on [)a'l ~'\ )~nen~.·c:, and l'\pla lll h11\\ the "~ l~.trn~d Ill l'la" \\oulu h.t\1.! hd~d or h111dcred 1•ur Jr-.,~, r\n<.J . 011.'r lh~ cour .. e ol "nun~ Ill)' rap~.·r. I cwll<' to r~:il111.! .t coupl~ olthmgs. h r'l of all. I hat.! a lot of ~\rcn~ncc-.. w 'hJre. Mo ... t o f the'~ ha\ e come \\ ithin th~ pa:-.1 tv. o } ~ar\ . In 11.)96. I moved w Cal ifor­nia tu 1ry and make 11 a-.. an :•:.:.or. As dm ~n a:. I am. I \\a!> abk tu do JU'I that. but on my 0\\ n tam... I v. a' abl~ Ill wal..e up C\ ef) <.Jay an<.J ~·nJ O)' gomg Ill \\ llrl... Aft..:r all. I wa ... a prok'­' umal pr~tcndcr. But that wa .. n 't goou eno ug h. 1\lo't oltht' r~oplc that I met '' h1k II\ Ill!_! 111 Los Angd..:' "crc con t ~nt \\ 11h t h~ 1r placc in Ilk. ~\CO If II Wa' \' a' a " <Iller. Bul thai·, not v.h.JI it'' <J II about tor m..:. I It i-e to <.Jo thmg ... that a r~ gt~tng tu bcll~r me a' an mtll\ tdual. and Holl} \\ om.l JU't dttln't uo 11. not " ith all of th~ pr~ten tmu ., and phon) ~ople \\ ho re'lde there. I tltd. hm\ e\er. ha\e a hobby that ''a' -,tartmg Ill tn\ptre Photos courtesy of Kathryn Marcotte me ... \Hilmg. \\ llh all of the dm\n 111111: that I had. I u,c<.J \Hillllg <i' ,1 \\.J} lOl.ii..C U[) 111111:. But "uh pracl ll'C COillL'' th~ urt\c lor perfection. llollyv. oo<.J no longcr tliu 11 lor me. and a lter nm~ 1110\ h:\. 12 'I!C\1111,, anu thrc~ commcrnal,. 11 ":.~'t i me to mmc hom..: anu g..:t an ..:uucat10n. Whtch bnng' m~ to th~ ~ccon<.J thmg t h:.~t I l ~arnc<.J in my cummunicauom cia". I kam~<.J hu\\- nnptmant 11 r:-. 111 communi­calc. Nuw. I kml\\ that 'cern' an otn 1ou' an:-.\\cr. but my " ntmg fur thc nc" 'ra~r ''on~ way that I cummuntl .. I~ . I ha\c th~ untquc rc,ron,thll tt} o l '~~mg Ill 11 that the nc\\ ' i' r~portcd Ill )OU. the ,lllucnt hod} . Ill a l'Oillpkt~ anu canu1u fa~h1on . A' the lanagmg Euitor of The Vo tcc. I cm:ouragc you to kt m~ . or any 'tafT membcr. I.. no\\ about .!11) ~tor) tdea or conccm that } ou ha\ c. Th1~ '' yuur ra~r. too. I ,1111 lm c ":.~1-.m g up C\ cr)­ua} anu gomg (() \\ orl.. B~mg a \IUuent anu a \\-flier tal.. ~:-. a lot of hard v.orl... butmthc end. hk'' an:-.'' cr' ar~ found 111 t h~ JllUm~). not n~c~"anl} the J~,ttnatton Actor's death adds another scar to SNl's famous alumni Robby Messer Manag ing/Lifestyles Ed itor Hi-.. gram! ~ntr.m c~ \vent \l!l!mmgly unnoticed. I k ca,uall} d td hr-.. rounu-.. among tho-..~ pr.:-..ent <.Jrc....,cd 10 tc ..... -than­pr~ h.'ntiOU' blue Je'm' an<.J flannel -..htrt. bcf)onc 1-.n.:v. \\hu he "a'. Bill Clrnton. Fran f... matra. and uthL·r 'uln.:r­abk cdcbnth: ... "' e\a) body hc ~ncoun­t~ r.:u fdl , ~et1m 111 h1-.. u>mtcal ~r"'nalny. And h~ dtun 't lc;l\ ~ .tn\ bo<.Jy out Pa"a'-b) \\ere 'ure to rcL~I\ ~ ,um~ 'on ul on.: lrner ur undL'I th~ hr~alh comnll·nt that \\ ould g~l p~oplc rollrng \\llh laught~r. But that'' \\hat hc dtu. I k made [)L'opk laugh . H.: mad~ m~ lauch. flow could 11 b~ rt'"tble for anybou} to be able to mal..~ a ~rkctly uccent II\ tng at pulling a ~m1k on people·, lac~-.. . ma~mg fun of OallonaJ figurc!>. anu having a ~ nac k for ddi\cring a pcrkc tly tnneu one- lmer'! Thi, i~n · IJU't anybo<.l) v.e arc about ... When I wall..e<.J nnw the !>e t of e vv sRadro in eplcmbcr of 1996. I\v "ho the :-.tar ... of th\.' " ~re . Th~r~ wa~ mor~ than on~. each of thcm up J uni4u.: en,embk ca't that portr:J} ..:d Irk in the rauiO . They rdal.:d and brdae<.J hi..~ 'chool ltu-.. on a playgroun<.J. Anu Phi I ''a ... the cia'!- d o v. n. You couldn ·1 m'" hr-.. car w car grin. thc sarca ... m in hi' 'OIC~. or~' en the laughter that h~ brought 111 null ton ... of pcopk. I had th~ honor of\\ nne ... !» Ill£ thi, li r~ than<.J . E\~n though I wa ... "onl) an e\tra:· I can still ... ay that I ha\e rnctthi:. comedic geniu .... Whcr~a ~ 11111!->l ... tars tend to iunore tho-..\.' "hoar\.' bcn~:.~lh th~m. Ha~man had a ''a) \\lth e\ ~r) on~. almo ... t a-.. tf he had been rn our !-hoes at one lime. He hJ<.l no hc:,llatum to '' llh an) of the e\tra ... aml h~ and I ~\changc:d h~Jio, . Photo courtesy of Phil Hartman. was famous for h1s 1mpress1ons of President Clmton on the telev1s10n show Saturday Night L1ve He was murdered on May28 In a way. I w ok it for grante<.J that I wa ... abk to work on th is show for a day. I thought the 'hov. ·!- succe~~ wo uld carry it through many -..ea:-.ons of happy return, , for at the hc:a<.J of the table sat one of comedy's 1-.tngs. On May 28. 1998. however. the laught..:r stopJ>Cd. P hi I Hartman was murdered by hi:>\\ if~ . Brynn. at the1r Encino home in Lm Angek:.. He was -W. Hartman's dcath add-.. 10 growing list o f fonner Saturday ight Ltve pcrlormc:rs whose care~rs were cut short because of personal turmoi l. Jo hn Bdus hi anu Chri:. Farlcy. who abo h:.~d m~mo­rabk stints as cast mcmb~rs of Saturday tght Live. both died of drug overdoses and Hartman dted as a re:.uh o f a gunshot wound intl tc t~d by his "ik. ''hothen turned the gun on herself. • - Hartman. who fir:-. I got hi !- start with the Lm. A ngcle~ based comedy troupe The Groundlmg,, will alwa)' be remembered fur hts outrageou~ impressiom. o f Pr~sident Clinton. Hts ~hu''· Ncwl>Radto. '' Ill contmue thi;, !>ea ... l>n with Jon Lovitt. another S L alum. O\er for Hartman. But don't thin!.. '"e won ' ! nottce. Flambovant rocker proves that age doesn't maner with three-hour show Cri sti na Deleon Staff Rep orter Stnle thc c o~rl y \e\enl te\. Elton John ha~ hecn the u:un ul pop culture H" n.~mboyant nature and style h:1s alv..1ys drav.-n an encr­gctrc cro v.-d. So. it )hould come as no ~ urprr sc . when Elton John came to Phoenrx . a turnout of an energeuc and dr verse crowd wru. expec ted. On Aug. 17, at America Wes t Arena. John gave the most amaL­ing performance 10 h11 the valley this year. He started the show with mud1 of the ,fum} 'I} k lor" h11.:h John h.1' made .1 rume lm hrrn,cl l. "11h the loud hm>rn' and thc rt\111!_! of mu .. u:. al l lcadrng ur 10 thc momcnt hc on ~1.1gc Thc crov.-d roared a~ he ~J ng the fir,l song "The Cm:lc of Lrfc". the theme from The L1on Krng. "11h tv. o huge ~crccns :.howrng )ccne) from the movrc. For beang rn how busrness for so long. John has seemingly grown beucr wrth age. 11 · ~ amaL­ang how one person can sllll get such an exhrlarating rush from his performances. At 5 1. he till run around the 't;tge lrf...e J lrule ~c h ool f...rd on the pia} ground. ~rckin g over prano ~ t oo l ~ and pia} ing the piano bac f...­wards and upsrde down. even dorng tv.-o encores over the co urse of the three hour show. For being In show busi­ness for so long, John has seemingly grown better with age. the concert "a' mag nllrccnt. After C\ cry \Ong he sang. he )IOod up and bowed. sincerely thankrng everyone. He even stopped to shake concertgoers · hands and to srgn autographs in between songs. some­The overall fee ling and aura of thing that many of today's musical s t a r~ relu ~e to do e\c:n olf ; tagc. and sw rg> of D1e1 Cuf...c Ever} ' ung he 'ang wa., hrgh­po- wcred and 'tbranl. a ~ h" voice filled the \CilUC \\llh !IOOg!l both old and new. Yet. for the most part o f the show John sang his o ld music rndud tng " Benny and the Jets" and "Crocodile Rock ." And the fi nale. was an awesome cover of The Beatie · song. "Lucy rn the Sky w11h Diamonds". If thrs rs. in fac t. his very Ia t to ur. John wtll have gone o ut in the s tyle that we have come to expec t from him. THE Vo1ce, Monday, August 24, 1998 New Sllvcvcle launches career with powerful music R o b by Mess e r Man aging /Li f esty les Edi tor In th e: 'UIIIIIlc:r u l I 'J7~ . d.trede' il l \ c:l Krlle\ cl dtmb.:d rntu .1 1\\ ll·\\he.:kd rocf...e1. the ' I..) l'} ck .\::! .• rnJ .lltempted to l<~undr hrm-..clt m c:r thc ruf...e Rr\ er Can) on but larl.:d Do n' t tcll th.JIIu 'iti.'\C f ,.~ ,,~, Ill.' f...llU\\\ \nd don't tcll rt 111 Rub lc:k\ '""" "·"n' t much tun. r~·.l ll\ ... ,,rrd ho~.r,· , \\hu .11 ,11 h.1d tlr l.' k .rdrn!! rnk rn th e: luurrng LlllllflJil~ u t tlw \\ tru ·, rue !.. o pl'rJ. 1"<1111111} " It ' , all .IOUUI II\ 0: .. " It \\,1 , '" CC.I/} ( l'ullllll) I It v.a, th .: hc , l thrng tlr.ll utuld happen Thl.' '""" "·'' '" m.rg rcll and . hc'lde, the nru'' ' h~·rng \ II flii\\C:rlul. 11 \\a' l..rnd ul ot her \~ 1 11dl} f'fu,. \\orl..rng \\ rlh Pl.'te ( lo\\ n,,·nd 1 \\ ·" .Ill 0:'-lrO: Illl' pk.t\ UI\' .. Urtm n Kdh CJ,tru. or ~\ en 'ih~·n.r r c rthu l"hq .tr~· \\ c:l( J\\.rfC 111 1:\c:l Knrn el', lut rlc: allcmpt to JUmp thc SnJI..c: Rl\a I h~·\ d•lll't n,·,·d Ill lrL'Jr II I hq rl.' \ICc: rrn<_! th ,·rr U\\ n ',1..\L)d~· 'fill· rn,f... bo~nd. Sf...)l)Lk. J ( ," \ncdc, \ c~urdrr1~· lu h.r.~, , h,· '.1rd hc 'al\\.1) ' lrf...l.'d lhe rdc:o~ul ,, n•n,·c:pl r,•Lnrd .111d th.rt \\or f...rnc Pl.' I\' 'ht \\ 11 \C:IId "''fllro:d hrrn rn ' uc:.u rng (u, o v.n hr.rnd ot rod. o p,•r .r. '.riled Pope r .1 Sktcycle band members (above from lt•!t) Sven Sl>tm,lf Steve lsaa s Roll Brown and Kelly Castro loosen up lor th .. , pt•rlomr,rncc at Tempt• s t1aii.Jo.J Cafe on August 13 (R1ght) Steve Isaacs smgm!J one uf tl1c sonr1s off 111'1 band's E P Breathmg Water b • ..,cd ru~ f... h.rnd pulorrned .1 11\c concc:n .11th.: Balhoo~ Calc Ill rempe on 1\ugU\I I J to help promutc thetr Ill' \\ I) rdc.l\cd dchut 1:. P . Hrt'cllhm ~ IVa l er. "I'm l..rnd ot rnro the s} mhof ot \\aiL·r." \a rd hJ.rc,. "You f... niH\, hum.1n' nunrng uut of lhc \UUp h.J.rc, , who lllJ} he fJmr lrar to \omc a ' .1 V J on MTV. ,aid hat the lllilf..eup olthc band l..r nd f <.:fC.IIes a \ le\\ o f II\ 0 \\0, \\ rlh wtdc \fle..:trum olrnfluenccs rnc f... .1nd JMt lo Ru>h. h.: .tp TrrLI... and Janc·, Addi e-r\ lt o:r 'iOO ,flo\\' .rnd I(, morllh , o f lo urrng \\ llh 'l tllllfll\. hO\\ e\Cf, 1\ ,IJC\ \\.1\ r~·Jd) Ill l.1unch rnto another l.'ndo:JHrr and . \\ 11h I hi.' ho:lp of lcllm' h.111d mate' Ke lly. Roh. and S\en . .1 ne\\ Sf...} ..:}cle ~.~ ,crea t e d And h .t.ll\ \\Ouldn ' l h.t\C: rt an} o th er \\ ay " I lme the lilc ' l} k ." hc '.lid " ( love lllU\ICI.Jil' The e .Jtho~ rtrl fee ling }ou get ''hcn you ' re on ~ 1.1 ge hre.1f...rng a " ' c.rt .. And hrcaf... a ~ \\ Ca t thq drd on Aug u>t I J in Tempe.,,, Sl.. ycyclc launchcd 11110 tov. n for rt ''> fH~I pc rform ,rnce 111 the val le} llr ~ h.nrd rolkd 111111 th, B .r l ht~.r ( .rk .rhuul 9 p 111 .rnd , l,rrt,·d \O:IIrrt~ the '"'l!l' lor th e rr pcr lurnr.rn Lc: B ) 10 I' nr lhe\ "'' rc 011 \ lag.:"' h .r.,,.,· \ OIL:l' re,on.rtc:d throughout thc \O: IIuo: . Roh Bru\\ n ""·rult o:d I he drum,, Kc:ll} C'.l\lfll pov.~· r c d tho: h,..,, gu11ar. \\ hrk S\en Shc:n.rr tool.. the lc;rd g ur t.rr .rnd hJLI..up \ OO:J(\. For aho ut an hour. Sf...}Lyde roded the Balho.r C.rk v. rth thcrr h.1rmo nr .: \ound .111d ~.ric h} I} rr c'>. " (t', lif...c: o ne. hrg "" \ ,IL.I Iro n." ' ard d rummer Rob Brow n. v.hen :1\l..ed h" tho ught\ on loti! Ill<'\\ llh llr,· h.rnd lk ·'''" .rddnllh .tl 11111rl tho: h arrd ""' lh,·rr 11\\ n \ .rrr 1111 hnrrrrr•• . he lr.rd Itt,..., (.. h" p.rrc rrl\ lttr lhL u.,.· ttl I ho: II \ I he h.rnd pl.rrr' 1111 d tt rrrc .r lrtllc: ltturrng lor the ne\1 nrttnlh. ttr 'o. hclttrc gor 11g IIIIo tho: \IUdro Itt r.:ntrd tho: rr lrr\1 lu ll ­kllgth a lhunr \\hrdr , fl.,uld h.: IIlii \ltllleiiiiiC nc'-1 } eJr " 1\tu ... u: unlri.L· mu\ r~·, ur e\O:II the.rtre. h." the pcmn to nre.rn \lllllclhrrrg drll~·rl' lll to l'\ Cr}hod} ... \Jid h;r.ll'\ .. ! U\ 11: ·, JU'I amann!! I 'm rc.Jfr,lr~ 111 l..nm' rng lh.rt people get \\h,rt th o:y \\.tnt ht hear I rom 11 n1 sounds of Soumv brings thunderous beat to Club Rio A nc \\ tribe. a ne\\ !lOng and ha ~ 11c >ho\\ ; Ma)( \a(cra ·!l ncv. band Soulfl} hrt R111. Aug 16. andthc le) . wrth .1 humba 1 "Bumba" , ., Po nug uc \c for ud \OUnd" . .111d lh.JI I!> CX JCI(} .11 Soultl) brought ~rth thcrr \llUOd\L .JflC\. and 0.1\\ \ en rh ) thm .... M.t\ Ca\a(cra fo rmerly of rtd - rcnm~n ed metal pro ncc rs. ultura . ~lart ed to bui ld ulny form the ground up rn nuary 1997. Ca\alcra first ted Roy Mayorga. fo rmer mmer for the New York vant-core band. Thorn. Next to e recruited wa bass is t Ma rcelo ias. a lo ng trme friend of (era. a nd a former Se p uhura ie. La tl y. to round o ut the 's lineup. Cavalera recru ited o Jackson. of the Brazi li an nd Chico Sc ience . Logan • fo rmerly of Mac hine Head. h.1~ \lnce rcpl.rced J<~d · son The Shm• at C lub R111 Sunda} nrght opened v.-11h Hcmlucf... . a h.1rd b..rnd v. ho\e ba\s l'>t do uhlcd a\ lead 'oc.JII\1. Hc mlocf... v.a, cncrgetr c. hut not much 10 11\tcn to Therr Hlllg\ v.cre ll<~t , and JU\1 piJrn h.1rd to maf...c o ut ahO\e th e: mudd ~ h"' of dr !>tortru n. and'>} mho( rc \ erh The one thrng th.11 drd '>l rLI.. o ut .1ho u1 Hemlod \\.1\ lherr ha\!>1\l·, grrndtng tone. rt '>uundcd II ~ e a flO\\ cr tool mc<~nt to !.hred through ca,t 1ron Of cour!>c. maybe the o ver.JII hornd mix had ~o mct hrng 10 do v. rth Hemlock' lack of a dcftnrtr vc sound? Ne xt up wa (Hcd)pe. a band that proclarms them elve to be the carrier of the G-Punk revolution. What i G-Punk? The band defines G-Punk as. the fusion of punk. gangsta rap and hardcore mus ic (by ha rdcore they mean Ko rn. based on their sound.) (Hed)pe was no thing to Graph1c courtesy of the World W1de Web druol over. They h;sd ~orne )1\C rhythm . but they JU!>I seemed to come off as a medrocrc compo!>­ite o f trendy rap and Ko rn- lrke metal. Where the punk come rn wa not clear? After (Hed)pe left the stage, a band by the name of Snot came o n. S oot was cool. How could they not be , with a name li ke Soo t? They put on a fast e ne r­ge tic s et. wit h few bra kes for hrcJth rng I he k.rd \oL.rfr,l "·" IIIIo II. }cffrng \\ rlh fl.J \\1011 Jlld the mu"' under hrrn " ·" prdt} d.rrnned good too. h tllov. rng Snot. Soullly em.:rgl.'d The hrg gu} '· thl' he.tJirrlcr\ the 111.1111 e\ent 1n dreadloc f..., . came out \\llh J thu nderou, heJt and rn.rnr.Jull) pov.crlul \OL.Jf,. C.J\.Jic:ro~·, '•ll..:c v..~, a' good·" e\c:r. all thl.' ~c:ar\ o l grr nd111g h" \o,·.r( chord' ''llh Sepuhur.1 ha\e \111111.' hov. l .1rlcd to v. e.~l.. cn h" '"''e Soult ly hr"ted out \\llh ' l.)e for an Eye". and proceeded to pl.!} the frr\t three !long' oil of ~oulfl> ·, 'elf-ltlfcd debut CD Bleed" v. a!l o ne of the morc memorable !lung!. preformed Bleed 1!1 a ~ong wrruen b} Cavalera. condemning the krlle r) of Dana Wells. hrs good frrcnd and step o n. The ong carrred the emotion that can only come from a tragedy of that magnr­tude. The ba nd a( o played a few o ld ies but goodies from C.l\ .rlc:r.r' ',.:pullur.r d.r~, Rct u,o:f({e,r,t" h,· rn ~ on.: ul tho: hc:ttcr nunrhc:r, pl.r)o:J hrought h.t,f.. m.:nwrr,·, • I th.: \\undrou, 'pecd IIICI.II II' llrr lll.Jn} of the lungh.rrreJ I 'I) \Hillelh ln;!', 111 th,• ~rcl\\d .md there v. er~·n 1 too man~ t• th,·nr' \1 Ill<' flllllll Ill II,· ,, 0\\, C,r\.Jio:r.r .rnd ''""P·"'\ hr"u~ r out"\ o r , ... \,'11 hr~ torn' .rnd hq!.tn In C:\O:lUIC: IIIII.' ol the l.trgc'l drum "'I'" 111 the: lu 111r) ol Arnerr(an ru,f,. In Ia.: I. \e\erJI gu), lrurn ( HcdJpe Jnd 'inot l'JillC on \l.rge Ill help h.Jng OUI I h.: lllJ\\1\ e drum rh} thm' It v.a, ,.,methrng el-..e 1 O'erallthe ' ho v. v. a> \\Orth the S 17 \pent . mdudrng \Cn ro:c charge. Soulfl} v.a> a n ot o l heavy rhythms. and onr.: gurtar assault) Sno t was solrd. v. rth uhra-energetrc vocal . and pulsrng gurtar . Everyo ne else preuy much uc ked. but drdn ' t suck enough to make the show less than roc krng. .. NEWS PagelO ............. claSSeSollered -~·-·-- Frank Vaccarlallo u-Wire news uctwnge A suuwide lack of speech­languaae pathologists with a . master's degree bas led to a uruque coopenlioo amona eight Ohio universities. Tbe Ohio Board of Regents recently approved a temporary plan allowing approximately 100 speech-language pathologists the chance to earn credits via video­taped and Internet-connected courses. Kent State University is one of the schools coming together for this-never-before-seen graduate program. '"The program involves panner-sh• p and collaboration. Often times we find tho e "'ords missing from h1gher education," aid Ra)'ma Smith, director of degree programs at the Ohio Board of Regents. Tbe other seven universities which have joined for this effort are Cleveland State University, Miami University, Tbe Ohio State U~ver­sity, Ohio Univenity. Uni~ersJ~ of Akron, University of Cincmnau ~ the University of Toledo. According to Peter Mueller. ~tor of KSU's School of Speecb Pathology and Audiology, there is shortage of clinicians in the public schools. (The master'~ degree) is th~ . entry level requirement, the mmimal academic qualification." MueUer said. The rising population, the growing ratio of children and elderly with speech problems and the lack of space in speech-pathology graduate programs has led to a shortage of people working in the field. Last year. the state legislature voted to allow the Department of Educat1on to issue temporary Silver Linings Now Available certificates to those lacking the master's degree. "Our aim was to bring them up acadernicaly to the master's degree level so they would uuly be qualified;' Mueller said. There are approximately 250 speech professionaLs with tempo­rary licenses in the stale. In order to make it easier, most of the class work will be available using videotaped courses and Internet connectiorts. Each school will be respon­sible for teaching two courses. Students can take courses offered at the university nearest them and then get the other courses via videotape. "This will not be a permanent substituuon for trad•tional aca­demics,'' Mueller said. This will be a temporary program that only has room for 100 students, he said. Paying for college can seem like a dark cloud over your educational future, fortunately Southwest Student Services provides silver linings: CollegeCard and Saver Loans! CollegeCard is a revolving low interest loan with credit card convenience. Saver loans are student loans with pre-paid guarantee fees* ... giving you extra money in your disbursement. For more information call us at Soo-367-2369. r,;lm SOUTHW£S"f STUDENT Sn~cES.CORPORATIO II ni1Jlf"'fU CDrJ!OfllliOtl promoc•nKCI«Gr. 10 cducaliDft THE VoiCE, Monday, August24, 1998 Invest in vour business, invest in SELF uaining Alicia Alonzo Staff Reporter Over the past four year... 500 individual!> made their dream bll!>iness a realit). . · h anly The Self Employment Loan Fund (SELF) IS a orgam1~110n I at I!> P responsible for the uccesl> of these entrepreneurs. prov1d10g a Y.ork!>hop that enhances bu~iness skills. tram!> and "opens doors for people v.ho ~~. ant to open their own businesl.cs." . . . . "" SELF i!> a non-profit community ervtcc o rgam1.allon who. sc~~s lo income people all over the Maricopa County. SELF offer tcchna:al asMstancc. a ·cess to loans for tho c who already own a bu!>IDC s. o r have a busmcss 1dea and want to get !>tartcd. . The 14 week tong work!>hop is di vided mto two C!>!>IOn!>. Th~ fir I f~1ur weeks of the se!>sion arc geared towards making !>Urc that the md•v•dual !> plan for opcmng a busincs IS actually fca~•blc. Th1!> 1 done b) domg marketing research and mvesugaung the .producl or idea. Thc'c.clas!>e!> arc open to anyone ""ho 1~ intcrc ted 10 opcmng a bu~•ne!>~ and the co\1 " $15~~''c!> meet o nce a ~~. cck for three hour\ at a umc It a pcr..undc~tde~, 10 conunuc ""llh the ,ccond part ol the 'c"ton. there "an addtuunal charg.: 111 40 ()(l Th1he JO\Oh cd Th1, ,ccond \e'"un '' \\here the trammg rcall) hcgm' 111 the nc" 'c"ton rc~:ctvc help tm lcarmng clfeclt~c , aJc, '!r.~tcg•t:,, .. markeung mtonnauon. and hu\111.:\\ rc..:orJ kecpmg SH I ( ommumca· 11011, 1\t~u.ager. Carohne 'e\\\ome t:xpl.un, . "The cnure pro..:e'' cu\er' .. a lot ot mtormatwn pcopk nced to he l1x:U\l!J and ha~;c httlo.: J"tra .. uon,. ' "'d Camhnc 'e\\\Omc. the managcr;1t SELF Com~um.:.lllllll' NeY.\ume 'JX>ke 11.ith \C\Cral people atlhc SL:.l.l· onentatwn that \\a\ held at the Gll!ndale Publu.: Lihntr)- on Augu'>t Ill . "The key of o ur program " Ill have p.:o_rlc 1 II. alk OUt the door II. llh J p Jll of acuon ... people who have u~cd our trauung arc con~tantly movmg fon\ard .. ewM>me ~aid . . hi' h One ·of the matn things that SELF does I!> he lp bu!>tncs~" to C!>ta " credit. .. , The amount of $5.000.00 is available to borr~w. Though n. ts not always enough money to satil>fy the costs of opemng or mamtammg a bu~inc!>~. the loan is a way to get bu~iness ow~ers .?n t~c ng~t tr~c~. financially. According to Newsome. the loan IS.~ spnng board an comprchcn ive ground for peo ple to get started. ·f h• There arc certain requirement!> that a person must meet be o~e I ~;y become elig•ble to receive the loan. Allcndance is th~ fi rst rcqUJre.ment. Out of the first four weeks, o nly one night of the ~ss1on can .be m1sscd. the next ten weeks that follow. if more than two mghts are m1sscd. then a person is no lo nger eligible to get the loan. Additionally. before a person granted the loan. the business plan must be completed. There are al o certain restrictions as to exactly what the mone~ can be used for. . The fi rst cssion will begin on September 3 111 dow

HOLM OVNPAKKE, 11 DELE varenummer : FH828510

Stor Claus Holm gavepakke.
Gavepakken indeholder: 3 stk. ovnfade str. 32,5x26x8 cm, 30,5x20,5x7 cm, og 23x16,5x6 cm, 2 stk. Mini gryde m/låg 16,2x9x6 cm, 4 stk. Ramekin 10x6 cm, Viskestykke 50x70 cm og forklæde 80x90 cm. Leveres i flot HOLM gaveæske. For kokken og smagsudvikleren Claus Holm handler det hele om kærlighed til smagen – og altid friske råvarer og det bedste værktøj. HOLM-serien er køkkenværktøj Claus Holm personligt har udvalgt, testet og godkendt. Serien er fremstillet i klassisk stentøj, hvor den sorte glasur og de rustikke flader giver et eksklusivt udtryk. HOLMs Stentøj er brændt ved 1200° C, som sikrer hårdt og robust stentøj. HOLM stentøj tåler ovn op til 220° C, mikroovn og fryser ned til -20° C.
DKK 560,00 ekskl. moms
Pris inkl. moms DKK 700,00
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