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MLcomp version alpha Statistics: 7070 users, 17490 datasets, 485 programs, 34624 runs (2066 queued, 0 running), 0 workers

Database Dif Three gaussian overlapping clusters in 2d. Format: MulticlassClassification User: Krom17 Size: 28K Status: processed Access: open Download: Login required! #train 315 #test 135 dim 2 K 3

Run a program on this dataset Arrow_right
Select a program 1-22 of 22   Action_refresh_blue Filter: Name Created User Rating << #runs run liblinear-s6-B1 7y19d ago ivank 60 293 run liblinear-s6-B1_uploadAgainWhy 4y229d ago rsocher 55 15 run Sol Binary 5y231d ago fendrich 51 179 run Sol Binary Test 4y338d ago fendrich 51 48 run svmlight-linear 8y25d ago pliang 50 374 run svmlight-poly2 5y113d ago yoavg 50 80 run sc-MNB 5y113d ago sidaw 49 163 run perceptron_by_jiang 5y193d ago jiangfeng1124 47 133 run RVMv0.1 4y178d ago swtyree 46 25 run perceptron_by_jake 7y303d ago jake 46 203 run MoPe 5y78d ago ganoyan 45 57 run RVM30 4y177d ago swtyree 44 22 run RVM60 4y177d ago swtyree 44 28 run RVM15 4y177d ago swtyree 43 24 run RVM45 4y177d ago swtyree 43 22 run Sajib-binary-unweighted 2y159d ago sajib44new 42 17 run svmlight-rbf 8y22d ago pliang 40 284 run tinyclassifier-perceptron-tuning 7y19d ago whym 34 110 run sc-MNBSVM 5y113d ago sidaw 32 49 run test 7y190d ago ihwang 31 34 run always-1-algorithm 5y248d ago ulises 28 27 run tinyclassifier-pkperceptron-2-tuning 7y19d ago whym 27 102
  1. pagination_page => 0
  2. include => uservresult
  3. reverse_sort => true
  4. width => 100%
  5. pagination_maxed => true
  6. limit => 25
  7. columns => prg_create_runprg_nameprg_created_atprg_userprg_avg_percentileprg_num_runs
  8. model => Program
  9. title => Select a program
  10. joins =>
  11. current_sort_col => avg_percentile
  12. name => programs
  13. paginate => true
  14. show_footer => true
  15. filters => is_helperfalseprocess_statussuccesstask_typeBinaryClassification

Existing runs on Dif 1-25 of 63 < > Action_refresh_blue Filter: ID Program Dataset Tuned hyper. User Updated Status Total time Memory Error >> Run #8012 SMO_weka_nominal Dif no internal 7y18d ago done 7s 416M 0.081 Run #9629 Logistic_weka_nominal Dif no internal 7y17d ago done 1s 416M 0.089 Run #9863 KStar_weka_nominal Dif no internal 7y17d ago done 1s 416M 0.089 Run #20096 pmtk logreg L2 Dif no internal 5y112d ago done 0.089 Run #29585 liblinear-s6-B1 Dif no Krom17 4y140d ago done 8s 48M 0.104 Run #36137 liblinear-s6-B1 Dif no Krom17 3y165d ago done 11s 55M 0.104 Run #7906 MultilayerPerceptron_weka_nominal Dif no internal 7y18d ago done 1s 416M 0.111 Run #9653 IBk_weka_nominal Dif no internal 7y17d ago done 5s 420M 0.111 Run #9677 IB1_weka_nominal Dif no internal 7y17d ago done 6s 418M 0.111 Run #11783 svmlight-rbf Dif yes Krom17 6y242d ago done 4s 37M 0.111 Run #8036 RotationForest_weka_nominal Dif no internal 7y18d ago done 2s 416M 0.119 Run #9839 RandomTree_weka_nominal Dif no internal 7y17d ago done 1s 416M 0.119 Run #7882 LogitBoost_weka_nominal Dif no internal 7y18d ago done 1s 416M 0.133 Run #15177 bonzaiboost-n200-d2 Dif no internal 6y96d ago done 31s 28M 0.133 Run #15692 RandomTree_weka_nominal Dif yes Krom17 6y15d ago done 23s 423M 0.133 Run #29588 bonzaiboost-n200-d2 Dif no Krom17 4y140d ago done 1s 28M 0.133 Run #33893 HmbFS R1 Dif no chuertas 3y190d ago done 3s 1449M 0.133 Run #33894 HmbFS S1 Dif no chuertas 3y190d ago done 3s 27M 0.133 Run #33895 HmbFS RH Dif no chuertas 3y190d ago done 1s 27M 0.133 Run #33896 HmbFS SH Dif no chuertas 3y190d ago done 2s 28M 0.133 Run #36126 HmbFS S1 Dif no Krom17 3y165d ago done 2s 1442M 0.133 Run #36127 bonzaiboost-n200-d2 Dif no Krom17 3y165d ago done 2s 33M 0.133 Run #9888 AttributeSelectedClassifier_weka_nominal Dif no internal 7y17d ago done 1s 416M 0.141 Run #11780 svmlight-linear Dif no Krom17 6y242d ago done 1s 31M 0.141 Run #43791 bonzaiboost-n400-d4 Dif no Krom17 1y255d ago done 5s 33M 0.141
  1. pagination_page => 0
  2. reverse_sort => false
  3. width => 100%
  4. pagination_maxed => false
  5. limit => 25
  6. columns => run_idrun_core_programrun_core_datasetrun_hyperrun_userrun_updated_atrun_statusrun_timerun_memoryrun_error
  7. model => Run
  8. title => Existing runs on Dif
  9. joins => statuscore_programcore_dataset
  10. filter_field => programs.namedatasets.nameruns.idrun_statuses.status
  11. current_sort_col => error
  12. name => runs
  13. show_footer => true
  14. paginate => true
  15. filters => core_dataset_id574programs.is_helperfalse

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